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Lesson 4 – Part 5 – Configure a Free Product within the Product Catalog

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Now that we’ve explored WP eStore’s download options what we’re going to do is configure free product within the Product Catalog.

Configure a Free Product

We’re going to come over to our products and to our WordPress ebook. And instead of being $14, we’ll call it 0.00 so it’s free. And then what we want is to happen once somebody clicks on the Add to Cart button, is we want them to be redirected to that download page.

So under additional product details, we’re going to scroll down here and find this button, redirect target URL. This is where you would put the URL of the form that somebody needs to set up or fill out in order for them to get the free download. So in this case, that was that form that we created.

We’ll place that here under button redirect target URL. And then let’s just make sure we’ve got our digital content right. That is the right format for that so we’ll save this product. Then I think we put that on the thank you page. I believe we did do that.

Testing Out the New Product Page

So now, if we come over here to our products and to instruction and to WordPress instruction, now you can see this price is 0 right? And if we hit the Add to Cart button, it takes us to our free sign up page. Now if we hit the More Description, it takes us here. The Add to Cart takes us to the free sign up page and so does the Buy Now. Oh no, it doesn’t. Only Add to Cart does that. There you go. So that’s something to keep in mind.

If the price is 0, you probably don’t want a Buy Now button down there. So it only affects the Add to Cart. We’ll go ahead and click the Add to Cart button. We’ll be redirected to our sign up page. The email, let’s say, is and the name is Rick Anderson. And we’ll download that now.

So here’s a little video… “Please check your Gmail inbox now to confirm your subscription.” I don’t know if you heard that but it said, “Please check your Gmail inbox now to confirm your subscription.” So then we’ll come over and take a look at our Gmail inbox and let’s just refresh that. We’re going to have to wait a minute for that to show up so we’ll come back to that.

What to do if you have Multiple Free Products

So what if you have several free products? Well, if you have several free products and you’re going to deliver it this way, you need to create a list for each of those products. I only have one list here, byfreeproducts.

But you need not to create a list for each of your free products. And it’s not that big a deal and you can easily connect your free members to an overall member list, automatically adding them from one list to the next.

But if you want to have one download page per sign up rather than having a free download page where they can sign up once then download everything, then you’ve got a download page for each free product. So then you’re going to need a form for each free product which means you’re going to need a list for each free product.

And that’s the way it works if you’re going to give multiple free digital products and you don’t want all of those digital products to be on the same page or all of the download links to be on the same page.

Since you’re giving them away for free for signing up, maybe it doesn’t matter to you. And maybe having all of your free products on the same page is fine. But to the extent that you don’t want them all on the same page, that is download links on the same page… to that extent, you’re going to want a different list for each product.

Let’s test that email again, see if we got our email. Well, not yet which is a little funny because… oh, it went in the spam. Look at that, under promotions, it’s got this tag called ‘primary social and promotions’. I’m not sure that this is… well, in any case, here it is. We received your request for information and it got stuck under promotions here. So and confirm by visiting the link below. We’re going to click on that.

And then upon clicking on that, we’re returned immediately to the WordPress ebook free download page. Click on the download and we’ve got the download. Okay so that process is working perfectly.

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