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Lesson 4 – Part 3 – Create your First Autoresponder Email

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As I said, we’re about 75% completed with the first email list in AWeber and what we need to do next is to create our welcome email.

Sample Welcome Email

Among the things I’ve added to this lesson page is a sample welcome email that I created. Now the sample welcome email should have some particular components.

Clear and Welcoming Headline

And the first thing is that it should have a nice, welcoming headline so that it will encourage them look at it. It should be a heading that makes them understand where the email is coming from. This is the very first email they will ever received from you and so it should be welcoming.

Set Expectations

It should set expectations. That is, you want to make them aware of the number of emails that they are likely to get from you and what kind of frequency or regularity. Remember that Seth Godin says that emails need to be anticipated. Well, the only way they can anticipate it is if you tell them to anticipate the emails.

And so I say, in my welcome email, “We send out 4 to 6 emails a month and that’s what you’re going to expect to get from us. And those emails are primarily announcements of events and or new things that happen on the website.”

Include Useful Links

So you can see here, it also includes a link to the ebook. So John, welcome aboard. I’m glad you could join us. If you haven’t done so, you can download your free copy of our ebook here. And so this would be the place where you can include another copy of the link to this page right here. So you include that in the email. You include a description of what they can expect to get.

Set Up Expectations of Valuable Material/Offers

And then what you really want to do is to set them up to expect value from you and you’re going to do that in the very beginning. And so I suggest that you make a special offer, some sort of added bonus for joining the site that they didn’t anticipate. It could be another ebook, an article or another type of resource.

In my welcome email, I offer to answer a question. When people sign up for free stuff, they don’t really expect to be able to have one on one contact with the site owner. But I offer all free members the opportunity to ask me a question and I’ll do my best to answer it for them and I make that special offer in the email.

The offer that you make should have real value and should set the stage for them to expect to get value from your emails. So it shouldn’t be a piece of junk. It should be something that has real value and it needs to be free in the first email.

Don’t Try to Sell In the First Email

The first email shouldn’t really be trying to sell them anything. You should be introducing yourself and introducing the value that you bring to them or that they receive for being part of your list. And then if you’ve got an information-based site then you tell them something about your site. For example, I’ve included a couple of links to the resources on my site that you might find useful and then you have a couple of resources with a little description of them.

When somebody looks at this email, you are trying to inspire them to go back to the site to explore, to find something that may be useful to them. And then you thank them again for signing up. You have some kind of a signature.

Request to be Added to Safe Senders List

And something that I think is probably very important although I actually haven’t done myself is this request to take a moment to add the sending email address to their safe senders list. And I think that’s probably an excellent idea.

Create the Welcome Email in AWeber

So that’s what we’re going to do here. We’re going to go ahead and use this as a basis for the email that we create here.

Add Text in the Visual Editor

So we’ll come on over to edit your message and this is the visual editor here. And it’s got all kinds of stuff that you can do and it’s got all kinds of templates that you can choose from. I don’t care at all about templates so I don’t use them. I prefer to have just formatted text.

I’m just going to delete what’s here and then I’m going to drag in a headline and I’m going to drag a paragraph. And this is the first name of the person who signed up so here’s where I’m going to put the rest of my stuff. I will probably delete all that and then get rid of that.

Right now, we’ve got the first name. “Welcome aboard. I’m glad you joined us.” This makes it personal, right? If you haven’t already done so, you can download a free copy of our ebook here. And so I’m just going to take that link and grab that URL and insert the link. Then say I won’t bombard you with a ton of special announcements. Next give them a special offer and then resource title and then a link to that resource.

Let’s go back up and put our title in here, Welcome to the Genesis WP eStore Club. And then we’ll add our a signature. And this is the signature that automatically was created wen we went back and created the list. That’s fine but I think I’m also going to add an image of my signature. So add the image, align it to the left and we’ll just let it go with that.

And actually, I want to change this so that it actually links to Then I’m going to add one final paragraph and that is the P.S. The email address this is being sent from is Okay, there’s our little P.S. and I’m going to bold that and I’m going to make it just a little tad smaller. There we go.

Create a Free Product Sign Up Web Form

Now we’ve got our welcome email set up, so we go ahead and save it. And go to next and save and exit. And there’s our welcome email and now the last thing we have to do is create a web form. So we’re going to do that step. And this is going to be the free product sign up form.

There are tons of web forms for you to choose from. It’s beyond the scope of this conversation so we won’t play around with those today. But you can come in here and see it. In this case, I’m going to add some text to that header which is “Download the book.” Save that.

I want to change this from ‘submit’ to ‘download now’. I’m going to put our name back in and I want to put the first and last name in because I’d like to be able to get at first name and last name. And then we’re going to save our form and then go to step two.

And then the thank you page, it can be a basic version. It could be the smart video version. We’ll do that one.

And the already subscribed page, I actually want to use a custom URL. And the URL I want to use is that product page because let’s just say somebody said, “Oh shoot! I lost that download. I’m going to go back over here and sign up for it again.” Well, they don’t really need to sign up for your list again if they’re already signed up. They probably want to get to download the ebook again. So this way, if they’ve already subscribed, they just are automatically sent to that download page.

Installing the Form

So we’ll save that form and we’ll go to step 3. And now, it gives you the choice of installing your form. I’m just going to use the javascript method of installing this form. And what I’m going to do now is create one more page and it’s going to be WordPress Free eBook Download Sign Up. And I’m going to paste that javascript form and I’m going to make it a child again of the WordPress ebook. I’m going to hit publish and view this page.

And this is the page we’re going to send people to when as soon as they click the Buy Now button. It’s going to send them to this page right here where they’ll enter their email, first name and last name and hit Download Now.

Actually, I want to go change my form so I’m going to come back over here to design. And I want to delete the footer and I want to delete that and I want to delete that. So I’m going to save the form again. And now, if I refresh this page… there it is. It’s set up for me.

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