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Lesson 4 – Part 7 – Integrate WP eStore with AWeber

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The next thing we’re going to do in this Email Marketing lesson for your WP eStore with digital products, is to integrate the regular product in WP eStore with AWeber because not only do you want people to register if they get a free product but you want them to be registered or added to your list if they buy a product.

Create a Customer List in AWeber

And so that process actually starts by creating a second list in AWeber. So we’re going to make another list and or create the list and we’ll call it genestoreall. This is going to be the list of all customers of Genesis eStore. Save those settings then the company name is still Genesis eStore, right? Website URL is that one and Save the settings then we’ll go ahead and use exactly the same Pre-Approved Subject.

Save that and let’s edit the text in the message. “Thank you for purchasing from Genesis eStore. We’d like to send you emails periodically but before we do so, we wanted to be certain we have your permission. Thanks for your time again, for purchasing from Genesis eStore.” So we’ve got that set up.

Then the confirmation success URL page, in this case, we’re just going to send them back to our store. So we’ll come back over to our products and we’ll send them back to the store once they have confirmed. That’s it, save those settings and then we’ll create that welcome email again.

Welcome Email in AWeber

And again, thank you for being a customer. Then we’ll just fill this but we’ll come back into our Sample Welcome Email. We’ll copy this text and paste it. And then obviously, you’re not going to have this download message so you’ll customize it for the purchaser but nevertheless, the same thing holds true.

Again, you will add your signature and to this, you may add or you may add the image. We’re going to browse the image gallery that we have and use that one again and align it to the left. And then, add our P.S. save that. So there’s our welcome email and then I’m going to the next and go to next.

And then we’ll create our web form. Now we’re going to save this form because we’re not actually going to use it. I suppose you could create a general form, email sign up form. But really, we’re not using this form because what we’re going to do is let WP eStore add people to it.

Set Autoresponder Settings in WP eStore

So when we come back over to WP eStore, we’re going to go to our dashboard and go into our WP eStore settings. And we’re going to first start off at auto responder settings and we’re going to enable AWeber integration. We’re going to enable AWeber list, a global AWeber list sign up and then we’re going to use our AWeber list name which, in this case, is genestoreall. It’s that right there.

So this list name is and then we’re going to configure the AWeber API so we click on that button which takes us to AWeber. We put our login name and allow the access. We grab our access code here and we go back to WP eStore to the Paste Authentication and paste that here.

When we hit the Make the Connection button, we made the connection and you know that for sure because it says, “Remove the connection.” So now we’ve made that connection and anytime somebody makes a real purchase from us, they’re going to be added to the estoreall AWeber list.

Sign Up Purchasers of Specific Products to an Email List

I want to show you one other thing. If you look at one of your products, say our consultant products, let’s edit that. Go down to autoresponder settings here and this is where you can add purchasers of specific products to specific lists. So we just automatically set it up to sign them up for the global list.

But let’s say you had a list for an upcoming seminar. You could, when they made the purchase, automatically add them to that list and then they would begin getting the seminar emails. This can be very powerful if there is a reason for you to communicate with customers who bought a specific product separately.

We don’t have a reason here to do that now so we’re not going to create that list. We’ve got our full boat here.

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