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Lesson 4 – Part 4 – Understanding WP eStore’s Download Option

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Now that we have our first AWeber list and welcome email created, now I want to talk a little bit about the WP eStore download options.

Available Shortcodes for Downloads

If you look at the available shortcodes, you see we have the WP eStore download now button. You have the download now fancy button. You have the download now button fancy with no price and then you’ve got free download products.

Plus you also have this one up here which is the one that we were using last week where you’ve got the fancy display and you choose the product number, the display type and the style of a button. And if you use style number 4, you get a download now type of button.
First I need to capture this URL to our Free Ebook Download Page and place it here.

Free Product Download Buttons – No Email Capture

If we come back over to our homepage this is the plain, old download button, right? No money changes hands, no attempt to gather information happens, no email capture. When you click on it, you download it. So that’s the first kind of download button and that is this kind of download button, right? Just that straight download button.

Now the second kind is this one here, the fancy one. I’ll edit the page and replace that with 25, hit update and view our page. Now you have this thing that looks like it looks except, this is not our free book. We’ll get around to the free book later. If you use this download button with this one, it’ll actually download the product. It doesn’t care whether or not the product is free.

If you put this kind of thing in with the download button, it’s going to let them download it. And I’ll show you how to prevent that with another setting later. But you can see why this system really only works if you have a bunch of free products and you want to list them this way.

Your alternative is to use the one that we used before so let’s go look at one of our other products. So if we look at our WordPress video, we’re using this fancy display id type and style, right? If we come back over to the front page here and id is 25 and type is 4, we’ll leave style at 2 and hit update and view the page. Again, we get this download button and the download button lets you download it regardless of whether or not you bought it.

Free Product Download Button – Captures Name & Email

Your next option is that squeeze page style. Let’s come down here to the WP eStore free product download where the product id is 25, this one takes the name and email address. You click download now. Notice it says, “Email sent. Check inbox for the download link.” I don’t have it yet but I expect to get an email yet with that download link in it. I’ll show you when I get it.

And so that’s your range of choices for these download buttons which can be problematic when you want to incorporate in free products with downloadable paid products, that is when you want to keep the catalog cohesive but yet, give people an opportunity to download free products.

So if we go to WordPress instruction, this shows all of our products. Both of them are paid so there’s no question about a free product here. I’m going to look for ones with both. I think I set up a WooCommerce product as a free product. So the price is 0, right? And I would still like to have it with this Add to Cart button without it actually trying to add a $0 amount to the cart because if we look at this, that’s what it does or it tries to add a 0 amount to the cart which just doesn’t work.

So we have the next leg in the Rick Anderson system. Although before we do that, here’s the thing that said, “Below is your download link.” And if you click on that, again, it got downloaded even though it was supposed to be a paid for thing.

So that’s the limitations of those download links is that by default, they’re going to let people download something without actually making the purchase.

One Solution to Using Same Download Button with Free and Paid Products

So one way to solve that is in the WP eStore settings here under Digital Product Delivery settings. It’s enforce 0 price checking on free product download. If you click this button, eStore checks first to make sure that the product is free before it lets you download. So this disables that free download option in the squeeze page form. It doesn’t disable it in the regular download button but it disables it in the squeeze page form. But since we’re not using the squeeze page form, we’re not going to bother with that.

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