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Lesson 5 – Part 5 – Customize the Products Archive Template in Thesis 2

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I’ve shown you a way of customizing the store appearance in Genesis using My Custom CSS and then using the WP eStore functions. Now, what we’re going to do is move over to Thesis 2 and there’s quite a bit more that you can do in Thesis 2 in terms of customizing the appearance and the layout.

Thesis 2 is built more deliberately for doing that especially because we’re using the WordPress system for organizing the product posts and product categories and that kind of thing. So let’s move on over to the Thesis eStore.

Customize the Products Archive Template

So here we are in Thesis eStore and we have a products archive page that we want to change which is actually quite easy, right? Let’s click on over to our products template, this is the products archive template.

All we really have to do is come over here and select the template to copy from and we’re going to copy from our product category template which we customized a couple of weeks ago. Hit copy template and now all the changes that we made to that other one are now contained here. So if we go back and view the site and go to our products, now we have our products laid out in a fashion very similar to the way we laid out our product categories, for example Instruction.

Customize the Checkout Page

While we’re editing templates let’s go to our checkout page and when we go to our checkout page, it adds something to the cart. Let’s view the cart. It looks to me like our checkout page doesn’t really want to have anything else in the sidebar. I think our checkout page just really wants to remove all barriers from checkout and so what I’m going to do is use the landing page template.

Let’s choose the landing page custom template for it and hit update. Let’s view the page and now we have a very streamlined example of the checkout where just the checkout information is there. Really there’s only one thing for them to do and that’s checkout with PayPal. We can go back to the book product and they can choose to continue shopping which will take them back to our newly updated products page and there you have it.

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