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Learn how to create your own online store using WordPress
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The Right
Shopping Cart

  • Don’t be confused by the myriad of shopping cart choices. Avoid the solutions that are overly complicated or don’t integrate with your site.
  • Pick the right shopping cart for your type of business and one that flawlessly integrates with WordPress and Thesis.


  • Don’t pay the sky high premiums charged by many popular hosted ecommerce systems. Don’t get sucked into ongoing monthly fees.
  • Learn how to quickly and easily build your own online store without wasting a ton of money and without ongoing monthly payments.


  • Don’t waste time and energy on tutorials that use confusing jargon or assume you already know what they’re talking about.
  • Get all your questions answered in one place. Ask questions directly related to your specific situation and get one on one help when you need it.
My shop has been open for business for just two weeks, and it’s working beautifully. Products are purchased and downloaded, people sign up for my mailing lists, my bank balance is growing, and the whole process just works seamlessly.

Paying you for knowledge instead of paying someone else to do the work is the best investment I’ve made in my business this year. There are no words to convey how deeply satisfying the process of learning has been for me. Except for these: Thank you. Brenda Dayne,

BYOBWebsite 3 Part Interactive Learning Program

Video Tutorials

Over easy to follow videos that teach you how to build your site, customize it and make it interactive.

I just had to commend you for these lessons. They are by far the most accurate and detailed instruction I have come across.

Live Call-in Sessions

3 weekly live call-in question and answer sessions. Get one on one help or just listen in and learn.

With the help of your videos and some extra advice from you when I got stuck at one point I have now managed to redesign my header.

Member’s Forum

Make the instruction relevant to your specific site. Find answers and ask questions.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic tutorials and for your help in the forums with building my e-shop.
Brenda Dayne,

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