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So, how does our program work? We provide structured video tutorials that walk you step by step through each part of setting up or customizing your website. These tutorials combined with our live answers and forum provide all the information and support you need to create an effective business website.

Video Tutorials

Our flagship series will take you through how to setup a business website, create a membership site, build an ecommerce site and how to customize Thesis with CSS and PHP. We have mini-series and individual topic tutorials as well. There are many public and free video tutorials on the site so you can see what you will be getting.


If you need more information or some help, you can post a question to our very active forum or look through existing answers.

Live Answers

If you prefer to talk through a question rather than post one then live Q&As are for you. We send out a weekly schedule with our regular session times any any special upcoming Q&A sessions like our Website Makeover Series.


Our plugins are designed to help beginners implement their design work – no knowledge of CSS and PHP necessary. Intermediate and advanced users will find that these plugins cut out hours of development time.


We offer a variety of coaching packages to help you work on specific areas of your website and to help you out with any website emergencies.

Select any topic below to learn more.
  • Harness the World’s Leading Web Software

    What’s the technological advancement that has transformed the web and made it possible for you to build your own unique website? What’s the secret that the high priced web designers don’t want you to know? It’s the “one two” punch of WordPress and Thesis.

    WordPress is the revolutionary new personal publishing platform that is:

    • Open Source (Free)
    • Easy to use – like a word processor – you can set up a site with a few pages in minutes
    • Powerful – runs sites with millions of pages and hundreds of thousands of users

    Thesis is the ground breaking theme for WordPress that enables beginners and experts alike to:

    • Customize the layout of the site with a click of a button
    • Change colors and fonts to reflect their own unique style
    • Add a logo without messing with code

    Best of all, Thesis has the most powerful and comprehensive collection of SEO tools available – built right in. Because let’s face it, you want Google’s attention – and there is no other WordPress theme better able to get the job done.

    “Finally a ‘Thesis and WordPress school’, I have looked for it everywhere until now. Thank you so much for existing, I don’t know how I managed without your tutorials before!” – Catherine Daar –

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  • Instruction Tailored to Small Business

    In this community you’ll learn a comprehensive system for building your website. A system designed by small business owners for small business owners.

    There are currently over video tutorials covering all aspects of building your site.  We assume that you are starting from scratch and beginning at zero. We’ll start at the very beginning and won’t stop until you’re done. You’ll learn:

    • How to choose your domain name – and what common mistakes not to make
    • How to choose a web hosting company – and the single most important thing to know before you spend your money
    • How to set up email accounts – so your customers can email you at
    • How to install WordPress on your site – with a simple click of a button
    • How to keep your files organized so you can always find them and how to keep a copy of those files on your own computer
    • The easiest method to change the appearance of your site to suit your taste and needs

    “I just had to commend you for these lessons. They are by far the most accurate and detailed instruction I have come across. I have been doing this Internet stuff for three years now and have seen a lot of tutorials and for some reason everyone else out there assumes that they don’t need to teach this and if they do it is nowhere near as coherient and detailed as this.” – Niels –

    Once we’re done with the preliminaries you’ll dive into the nitty gritty of making a site that both interacts with and meets the needs of your customers. You’ll learn:

    • The single most important thing you can do to make sure that Google loves you – and no, it’s not about key words.
    • How to convert WordPress from a blog into a business website
    • The most important mistakes that small business make when creating their home page – and how to avoid them yourself
    • How to harness the power of the Thesis Theme to drive customers to your site
    • The best free software for preparing images and graphics for the web
    • The 3 keys to optimizing graphics and images – to make your pages load like lightning while the competition loads like molasses
    • The best place to get images that you can use on your website – this “insider” source has over 100,000 professional images you can use for free

    Save $200 on Membership Now!

    Start learning today for as little as
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  • Get Your Site Noticed – Make it Beautiful

    Then stand back – next you’ll be exploring the awesome power of WordPress – the power that has allowed it to spread to 68 million websites in the US alone in just the last 4 years. You’ll learn:

    • How to take your site from lifeless to “attention grabbing” with WordPress widgets
    • How to create stunning visuals and capture your reader’s attention by arranging text and images on a page
    • The simplest way to embed absolutely anything – images, videos, audio, pdf files, flash animations – absolutely anything to a page
    • The easy technique to propel your site to the cutting edge by harnessing the power of YouTube – without knowing a single piece of code
    • How to install and configure the singly most important addon for WordPress – the secret weapon that will get you indexed by Google in hours
    • A powerful yet often overlooked method of putting your customers in direct contact with you from your site.

    Better than! You seem to have a great gift for identifying the practical needs of us beginners, and fulfilling them superbly. Learning has never been so rewarding and enjoyable. Keep up the good work.” – Brian Tozer

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    Start learning today for as little as
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  • Learn All of the Basics of the Thesis Theme

    Next we dive into Thesis – the theme that blows away the competition and makes it possible for you to create a visually stunning site that reflects your tastes and preferences – all while not requiring you to learn a bit of code.

    • You’ll learn to organize your pages the way you want with one, two or three columns in any configuration you choose – all with a click of a button.
    • The slam dunk simple method of choosing the colors for all of the elements of your site
    • How to vary font sizes and styles to give emphasis and life to a page.
    • How to add your own logo to your site with the simple press of an “upload” button.
    • How to create a menu from “drag and drop” elements that will make it easy for your visitors to navigate your site.
    • Did I mention SEO? You’ll learn how to unleash the awesome power of Thesis for improving your site’s visibility with Google.

    “I stumbled upon your videos in the Thesis Forum. And I can not tell you how pleased I am with these videos. I appreciate your ability to teach these courses. And your teaching style allows for the Tech heads to follow along as well as the Technical challenged. Great Job” – Gene Hallmark

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    Start learning today for as little as
    $0.82 PER DAY!
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  • Learn to Customize Thesis

    Did you say that you want to learn a little code? Then get ready to discover what industry insiders have known for a couple of years – Thesis is the easiest WordPress theme to customize. It was designed to be customized and we’ll show you how.

    • How to add custom snippets of code to Thesis – even if you’ve never written a line of code before
    • How to effectively use the most important weapon in the Thesis customization arsenal – where the hidden hooks are and how to transform your site with them
    • You’ll look like a Thesis ninja when you master the use of Thesis filters for modifying default behavior and output
    • How to have your header in any configuration you can imagine
    • How to vary the appearance of your pages through the use of custom templates
    • We’ll pull back the curtain and show you the insider tools and techniques for adjusting and troubleshooting the appearance of your site.

    Wow, this is a great way to save a lot of time (for someone at my level of coding ability). I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out and sort through Thesis forums. This worked in just minutes. Thank you!” – Jana Dean –

    Save $200 on Membership Now!

    Start learning today for as little as
    $0.82 PER DAY!
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  • Learn How to Build an Online Store

    We’ll show you exactly how to build an online store, how to create and display a product catalog, how to take orders and collect money automatically. All of the ordinary problems encountered in creating an ecommerce site will evaporate because we’ve chosen and tested every part of the system.

    • You’ll cut through all the background noise and hype and will learn how to install and configure the perfect shopping cart plug-in – one that works the first time right out of the box.
    • How to configure the organization and display of your products
    • The simple method to INSURE that Google indexes your product pages, while your competitions’ are hidden
    • Different methods of configuring and displaying your shopping cart
    • How to most effectively use “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons so that they rake in the cash
    • How to display rotating “featured products” automatically on your home page or main catalog page
    • How to build a list of prospective clients – how to trade free information in exchange for their email address

Save $200 on Membership Now!

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