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How to Add a Vimeo Video to the Thesis Feature Box

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In this session we show how to add a Vimeo video to the Thesis feature box using the BYOB Thesis Simple Feature Box plugin. In order to show the video on top of the home page, we need to widgetize the feature box. We drag a text widget into the feature box and drop in

One Hour Website Makeover DJ Sean Denard Part 10 – Add Feature Box

This is Part 10 of the the One Hour Website Makeover for DJ Sean Denard’s site and in this session we show how to prepare the page by removing the sidebar template and removing the page title. Then we add the feature box using the BYOB Thesis Feature Box plugin and add the Dynamic Content

BYOB Thesis Simple Feature Box Plugin

Our Thesis Feature Box plugin allows you to use the feature box without relying on custom code. You can now add virtually anything to the Feature Box with a click and a drag. You can also activate one of the popular slideshow plugins for displaying advertising banners, featured products or favorite posts This plugin allows