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Line Height Property

How to Adjust the Space between Lines of Text – Line Height Property

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A member had a block of h1 text and he wanted to fine tune the space in between each line.  We look for a line spacing button on our visual editor.  Next we create a custom css style.  We demonstrate using Web Developer to test our new code. Rick: Eldo has a question. Let’s see,

How to use Firebug to identify the line-height property of a Tag Cloud widget in Thesis

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In a recent forum post a member asked how to use FireBug to identify the line-height property of the tag links in a tag cloud widget. In this video answer I show how to use FireBug and Web Developer to identify and alter that property. The Forum question is entitled "Widget Customization". [S3VIDEO file='public/forumanswers/forum-answers1.mp4' displaymode='overlay'