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Lesson 4 – Part 4 – Two Case Studies of Product Variations

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Next we’re going to look at the concept of using Shopp product variations in the context both of Mental Management and of Main Clinic Supply. In the Mental Management store we chose product variations to be simply formats. Mental Management Store Product Variations and Addons in Shopp For example, Freedom Flight has a format and

Static Site Plus a WordPress Blog or Just a WordPress Site?

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In this session we discuss how to choose a site format between a Static site plus a WordPress Blog or just a WordPress site. We also talk about what the advantages and disadvantages are with each to help you consider which would work well for you. Jeff, I’m going to unmute your microphone here for

How to Consolidate 2 Websites into a Single Site Without Losing Google Rank or Authority

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This member wants to consolidate 2 similar sites that she owns and maintains into a single site. Both sites do well in Google searches and she doesn’t want to lose that. We discuss different strategies for consolidating the sites and then the system of 301 redirects that will be required to keep in Google’s good