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Below you’ll find a collection of Live Answers that we’ve made available free. Feel free to watch them and get a sense of the value we give to our members. These represent some of our most popular Live Answers covering including “Self Hosted Videos”, “Thesis SEO” and header customization.

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How to Align Text and Images in a Text Widget

In this session we show how to align text and images in a text widget using CSS rather than HTML. We assign the class alignleft to the image in the text widget and discuss the use of the position property and how to use floats and the pseudoclass after. Member: Great, great. Just one quick

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How to Align Images Using Absolute Positioning

In this session we show how to align images using absolute positioning by customizing the image sizes and giving the container a relative position. We also discuss why you shouldn’t use margins and padding when using absolute positioning. Rick: So then in terms of lining up the other things, how did you craete those little

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How to Upgrade WordPress to WordPress 3.4

In this session we show how to upgrade WordPress to WordPress 3.4 and discuss the important things that need to be accomplished prior to the actual upgrade. We show how to back the site up with BackupBuddy and bring all the plugins up to date. Video Transcript The next thing we’re going to do is

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How to Upgrade Thesis to Thesis 1.8.5

In this session we show how to upgrade Thesis to Thesis 1.8.5. We demonstrate how to copy the old files to our computer so it will be easy to go back in case something goes wrong. We show how to download the database manually in BlueHost and download customization files from the live site to

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How to Provide a Link to Download a Video

In this session we demonstrate how to provide a link to download a video stored on Vimeo and setup its privacy setting. We also discuss how to use S3FlowShield to generate secure a URL and to communicate with Amazon S3 if the video is stored there. For more information on hosting and delivering video watch

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How to Change the Background Image and Color in Genesis

In this session we show how to set the background image and color in Genesis. We customize display options by setting a background image, tile it horizontally and set a background color. The background color covers the entire background while the background image is just where we tell it to be. Genesis has its own

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How to Customize the 404 Error Page in Thesis

In this session we demonstrate how to customize the 404 Error Page in Thesis. We replace the default 404 Error message with our own customized 404 error message. The code for this session can be found below the video. Rick: Good morning John John: Hey, Rick. I’m just tuning in to check on the 404

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Primary Domains, Addon Domains and Subdomains Explained

In this session, we explain the domain system for WordPress sites. We cover primary domains, addon domains, parked domains and subdomains. We show how one of our domains is set up in our hosting account with both addon and subdomains and the location of the WordPress installations. Member: When you set up the… you actually

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Adding the Dynamic Content Gallery to the Thesis Header

This topic was raised by a member who would like to create a Dynamic Content Gallery and add it to her header. We discuss how large the images in the banner should be. Take a brief detour to view the Firefox add-on called “MeasureIt”. Next we look at the configuration of the Dynamic Content Gallery.

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