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Managed Concierge WordPress Hosting

If you are like most WordPress website owners, you have 3 BIG problems that you don’t really know how to deal with. Three problems that keep you up at night.

  • Site stability
  • Site security
  • Site speed

Site Stability

You worry about the stability of your site. How often should I upgrade? How do I know if it is safe to upgrade? What happens if I upgrade and something breaks? What is a simple way for me to backup my site? What happens if all hell breaks loose on my site?

Site Security

You worry about the security of your site. What’s the best way to prevent my site from being hacked? How do I stay on top of all the security threats out there? How do I keep security measures from breaking my shopping cart? How do I recover once I have been hacked?

Site Speed

And you worry about the speed of your site. What can I do to speed my site up? How do I make sure that it is fast enough that Google doesn’t penalize me? Should I cache? Use a CDN? Move to a VPS? Should I move to a different web host?

You’re in luck. We can solve all those problems in one fell swoop. You’ll never have to think about them again!

BYOB Concierge WordPress Hosting

Introducing BYOB Concierge WordPress Hosting, the most highly managed, secure and fastest system available all in one package. We’ve partnered with WP Engine to bring you all of the benefits of of the WP Engine platform, plus our Concierge management that backs up your site, upgrades everything, secures your site and recovers from any and all disasters. Even if you break it yourself!

Imagine how nice it would be to know that your site is ALWAYS up to date and that it is running smoothly. We will:

  • Back your site up daily – and if you wish, you can back it up yourself with 1 click any time.
  • Update WordPress
  • Update themes
  • Update plugins
  • Update Thesis Boxes and Skins (always backing up skin data)
  • We’ll even upgrade your plugins from commercial sources like Tips and Tricks HQ and CodeCanyon.

If it needs to be upgraded we’ll do it – and if something goes wrong we’ll fix it.

You can have all this for just $59 $39 per month!

Imagine how much better you’ll feel knowing your site is secure. Think of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your site is protected by the most state of the art security in the business. And knowing that if something should happen and hackers still get through that we will fix it for you.

And not just secure from hackers – we’ll provide you with a free SSL certificate so that your site won’t be penalized by Google and so that your users information is protected. Not only will we give you an SSL certificate, we will also do all the work necessary to fully convert your site to SSL. Even if it means editing a plugin or theme.

Finally wouldn’t it be great to have your site be screaming fast? You’ll be using the newest and fastest technologies. Your site will run on PHP 7+, your pages will be delivered by HTTP/2 and caching will be configured for you so that your site can run as fast as possible.

This is the best combo deal out there. All of the benefits of WP Engine’s hosting platform plus our Concierge Management. You’ll never have to perform a WordPress management task again!

Reserve your place and discounted price now for $1 per site.

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How many sites can I run?

1 per account plus it also includes a staging site you can use for redevelopment and testing. Of course you can have as many accounts as you like!

Will this really improve my site speed?

You bet it will.  You can expect anywhere between a 25% and 75% reduction in page load time.  So far other folks have averaged a whopping 38.7% reduction.

Will this help my SEO?

Yes it will.  Site speed, SSL and mobile friendliness are all significant ranking factors in Google.  You’ll get both speed and security from us.

I have a plugin that I don’t want updated – can you handle that?

You bet! Just let us know which one it is and we’ll exclude it from our updates.

Does this include email?

No – we only provide WordPress hosting.  We encourage you to use Google for Business or some other hosted email service.  We will be happy to help you set up the MX records to accomplish that.

Does this include a CDN?

Yes, if you would like your static resources provided by a CDN then it will include it. We will install and configure it for you.

I already pay for an SSL certificate, can you install that for me?

You bet. Let us know if you want to do that and we’ll install it right away free of charge.

Can I have a staging site?

Yes, every site comes automatically with a 1 click setup staging site. And if you’d like us to do the 1 click we will.

What kind of support do you provide?

We have 24/7 dedicated chat and phone support through WP Engine plus you can file a support ticket with us and we’ll handle the rest. Heck you can even call me – 206 697-7728.

How can you afford to do this for $59 per month?

First, much of this is automated, so it doesn’t actually take that long to backup and upgrade a site. Also, since we upgrade so frequently if a problem arises after an upgrade we know exactly where to look to solve the problem. Finally, we’ve seen every WordPress problem and fixed every WordPress problem. So it is usually quick and easy for us to identify and fix.

Are there any limitations on storage, bandwidth or visits?

Yes, but they’ll only be enforced if the server is overloaded:

  • Visits – 25K per month
  • Storage – 10GB
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited

We are also subject to the fair use policies of WP Engine. If you need more resources let us know and we’ll figure out an equitable solution.