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BYOB Genesis Child Theme Editor

Everyone knows that Genesis is a powerful theme framework that brings advanced functionality to your site. It also has lots of beautiful and functional child themes. Unfortunately it doesn’t have an easy system for making minor tweaks to your CSS or for adding custom functions without physically changing the child theme files. This means that whenever your child theme is upgraded you lose whatever customization you’ve done.  Until now! We’ve created a plugin that fixes that flaw. The BYOB Genesis Child Theme Editor plugin gives you the ability to easily customize your favorite child theme while still preserving your ability to upgrade it.

This plugin allows you to add custom CSS and custom PHP functions to your child theme without hacking your style.css or functions.php file. This plugin Adds a custom CSS editor to your dashboard that includes:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Error checking
  • Code completion hints
  • Bracket matching
  • Automatic tabbing
  • Search and replace functions
  • Tons of keyboard shortcuts

The plugin also creates a custom functions file for you to add any php functions you may wish to add.

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Download the latest and greatest BYOB Genesis Child Theme Editor – Version 1.0

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