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BYOB Genesis Schema Plugin

You’ve probably heard that Schema can significantly improve your SEO. Genesis 2.0 introduced support for Schema which automatically gave you this tool. Unfortunately Genesis only provides you with the most generic schema classifications, which could actually hurt your SEO if your content should be classified differently than what it is. And MOST small business websites should be using different Schema classifications than are automatically provided by Genesis.
Fortunately the new BYOB Genesis Schema Plugin removes the “one size fits all” approach and gives you complete control over the Schema markup for your site.  It allows you to specify which Schema classification should be used for each individual post and page on your site.

For example, if you are posting a testimonial, it should get the “Review” item type rather than the default “Creative Work” or “Blog Post” classification.  A testimonial’s content should get the “review body” item property rather than the generic “text” property.  A typical small business web page should have the “Article” item type and “article body” item property.

This plugin allows you to tailor the markup for each individual page, post and custom post type.  With it you can:

  • Specify which post types to customize
  • Select from a list of common itemtypes to apply to each individual post, page or custom post type
  • Enter a custom itemtype when appropriate
  • Select from a list of common itemprops to apply to the page title
  • Enter a custom itemprop for each page title
  • Select from a list of common itemprops to apply to the page content
  • Enter a custom itemprop for the page content

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Download the latest and greatest BYOB Genesis Schema Plugin – Version 1.0

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