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BYOB Shopp Connect for Thesis Plugin

The BYOB Shopp Connect for Thesis plugin bridges the gap between the Shopp plugin and the Thesis theme. While Shopp works just fine with Thesis out of the box it misses out on some Thesis functionality. With this plugin you can:

  • Add Thesis SEO options and Multimedia Box options to the Shopp product pages. This gives you the full power of Thesis to customize meta titles and meta descriptions for each product.
  • Substitute a Shopp specific sidebar for Sidebar 1 on all Shopp pages.
  • Choose to display the Shopp sidebar, Sidebar 1 or no sidebars on each Shopp page.
  • Adjust the widths of the content and sidebar on all Shopp pages.
  • Remove comments from Shopp product pages
  • Remove post navigation from Shopp product pages
  • Remove the page title and headline meta from each Shopp page, you can retain it on some and remove it from others.

Download the latest version of the plugin at the WordPress repository.

Install the Plugin and Tour its Capabilities – Part 1

Add Thesis SEO and Multimedia Box Options to Shopp Products – Part 2

Remove Thesis Page Elements from Shopp Pages – Part 3