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BYOB Thesis Navigation Menu Plugin

Our Thesis Navigation Menu plugin gives you total control over the appearance of the navigation menu. With it you can move the menu, make the menu span the full width of the page, center the menu, or simply change some of the default text styling. This plugin also works for WordPress menus if you’ve chosen that option.

Every stylistic element of the menu can be customized. You can use background colors, background images and background gradients – or any combination of the above. You have complete control over the menu borders and the borders of the individual menu items. You can round the corners, add drop shadows and change the menu so it looks like a series of buttons. You can even use background image sprites change the background image for each link state.

Virtually anything you can imagine you can do, without writing a single line of code. You even have the opportunity to use 3 different text styles in the menu. You can configure the typical text style, the submenu text style and a special span text style. Seriously, the sky is the limit. This plugin is for every designer that didn’t want to become a coder.

Some other things this plugin will allow you to do are:

  • Move the menu above or below the header
  • Hide the menu entirely
  • Set the menu visibility based on logged in status
  • Make the menu span the full width of your page
  • Center the menu in the page
  • Give each menu item tab the same width
  • Add background images to the menu item tabs
  • Style each menu item tab separately
  • Add space (margin) above or below the menu
  • Remove the “All Caps” style from the menu text
  • Remove or change the letter spacing for the menu text
  • Center the menu text within each menu tab (useful when you have given the menu tabs a fixed width)
  • Make the menu text bold
  • Add a <span> style to the menu text
  • Style the submenu separately

Instructions for installation and use can be found in the videos in the sidebar on the right.

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Download BYOB Thesis Nav Menu Plugin – Version 2.0.11

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  • Completely Revamped the plugin
  • Added the ability to style each menu tab individually
  • Added the ability to style the submenu
  • Added the ability to style the submenu text
  • Added the ability to create a <span> style text
  • Added a graphic layout guide to help determine menu widths
  • Added the ability to use CSS3 gradients and rounded corners

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Progressive Refinement of the Plugin Options – Part 5

Using Border Styles to Emphasize Menu Items – Part 6

Add Rounded Corners and Drop Shadow to the Menu – Part 7

Center the Menu in the Page – Part 8

Style the Menu With Background Gradients – Part 9

Create Menu Buttons – Part 10

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Add Different Icons to Each Menu Item – Part 12

Position the Sprite to Display Various Icon States – Part 13

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