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BYOB Thesis Widget Styles Plugin

Our Thesis Widget Styles plugin allows you easily transform the appearance of your widgets without touching the code. You can create multiple widget styles and apply those styles selectively to specific widgets. You can do virtually anything you may want to stylistically in your sidebars and widget areas with this plugin. And you won’t need to know any code. With this plugin you can:
  • Create up to 30 different widget styles
  • Customize the widget header font, color and background
  • Customize the text within the widget, including font, color, link color and hover behavior
  • Customize the background of your widgets with background colors, images or gradients
  • Add rounded corners to your widgets
  • Add drop shadows to your widgets

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Download BYOB Thesis Widget Styles Plugin Version 1.5

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Visit this page for more Thesis plugins designed by BYOBWebsite. Take a look here to find others that you can use to customize your website. Along with the Thesis Widget Styles, we have plugins for the feature box, adding header and footer widgets, header layout, creating landing pages, sidebar configuration, full width backgrounds styling, customizing and adding navigation menus, switching content to be mobile compatible, using WP eMember shortcodes and more.

We will continue to create custom plugins as time and necessity permit. These plugins are intended to help beginners add further customization to their Thesis themed websites and to save time for intermediate and advanced users. They are just one of the many benefits of joining our site as a paid member.  If you have any suggestions for other Thesis plugins you would like to see created, please let us know. We are always interested in our member’s input.

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