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BYOB MarketPress Connect For Thesis 2 – Updated for Thesis 2.1

MarketPress Connect for Thesis 2 is a box that combines the power of MarketPress with the infinite customizability of Thesis 2. Now you can have a full featured online store and still use Thesis to customize the layout and styles of every page. Folks who do this without Thesis 2 need to hire a coder to write the PHP, HTML and CSS to make their store look like they want. But for those of you using Thesis 2, customization of your store is just a drag, drop and click away. (…..You’re right – a whole bunch of drags, drops and clicks – but who can’t do that?)

I really like the folks over at WPMUDev. They write some great plugins and their support is excellent. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve chosen to teach and write tools for their plugin. MarketPress is ideal for a store selling physical products. And yes, it handles complex shipping and all those unusual tax situations which stump many others. Plus you don’t have to buy a bunch of addons to make the plugin full featured.

MarketPress Connect for Thesis 2 is available free to all paid members of BYOBWebsite and can be used in as many projects as you like for as many clients as you like without restriction.


  • Updated for Thesis 2.1
  • Complete control of the design and layout of Product pages using the Thesis Template Editor
  • Complete control of Product Category and Product Tag pages also using the Thesis Template Editor
  • Adds a “Featured Product” function to products
  • Adds default WordPress body classes to all pages – this helps in store-wide styling
  • Disables the default “Products” page behavior while leaving the rest of the store pages in tact.

To install the box Use the Upload Box button in the Select Boxes section of the Thesis admin menu.  Note this is a box and not a plugin.  It will not function properly if you try to install it as a plugin.

If you are a paid member of the site you can download this plugin from the link below.

Download BYOB MarketPress Connect version 2.1 for Thesis 2.1

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Download BYOB MarketPress Connect version 1.0 for Thesis 2.0

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