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BYOB MarketPress Product Elements – Updated for Thesis 2.1

BYOB MarketPress Product Elements is a box that brings the individual elements of a product to the Thesis 2 template editor. Now you can place the price anywhere you want in the product, plus have complete control over the html element used and class assigned to it.  The same is true for the other elements as well. Place the variations, quantity and add to cart buttons where you see fit. You’re in control.

This works as well for product category pages as it does for individual product pages. Plus you can combine this with the Thesis Query Box or the BYOB MarketPress Product List box and add your own customized lists of products showing only what you want to show, where you want to show it.


  • Now updated for Thesis 2.1
  • Add individual price, variation, quantity and add to cart buttons anywhere in a Thesis 2 template
  • Add a single bar with all of the elements in a row to any template
  • Wrap any of the product elements within HTML elements of your choice
  • Add class and id to each element, giving you complete control over the appearance of those elements.

To install the box Use the Upload Box button in the Select Boxes section of the Thesis admin menu.  Note this is a box and not a plugin.  It will not function properly if you try to install it as a plugin.

If you are a paid member of the site you can download this plugin from the link below.

Download BYOB MarketPress Product Elements version 2.1 for Thesis 2.1

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Download BYOB MarketPress Product Elements version 1.0 for Thesis 2.0

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