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BYOB MarketPress Product List Style – Updated for Thesis 2.1

BYOB MarketPress Product List Style is a box that gives enhanced control over the appearance of your product display. Choose to display your products in list or grid format. Customize virtually any aspect of the display with the click of a button. This little gem is really the key to a truly custom looking online store. Thanks to Thesis packages you can make your products look any way you want them to.

Easily add a background image or background color to your product display. Add a border, rounded corners and drop shadow. Control spacing with padding and margin. Make each product uniform by specifying height and width. This level of control is what separates Thesis 2 from everyone else.


  • Now updated for Thesis 2.1
  • Choose to display products as a grid or in a list
  • Add a background color or background image to each product box.
  • Add a border, border radius and box shadow to the product box
  • Control spacing between the products with margin
  • Move the content away from the edges of the box with padding
  • Specify height and width for uniform looking product grids

Please Note – For Thesis 2.1 this has been converted to a box. For Thesis 2.0 it is a package

For Thesis 2.1 install the box Use the Upload Box button in the Manage Boxes section of the Thesis Home >> Boxes menu.  Note this is a box and not a plugin.  It will not function properly if you try to install it as a plugin. Once activated you will find a menu item under the Thesis Home >> Boxes menu for setting the options.

For Thesis 2.0 install the package Use the Upload Package button in the Select Packages section of the Thesis admin menu.  Note this is a package and not a box or plugin.  It will not function properly if you try to install it as a plugin. Once activated you will need to create a package in the CSS section of the Skin Editor.

If you are a paid member of the site you can download this package from the link below.

Download BYOB MarketPress Product List Style box version 2.1 for Thesis 2.1

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BYOB MarketPress Product List Style package version 1.0 for Thesis 2.0

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