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BYOB Orbit Slider Helper Box for Thesis 2

Thesis 2 makes it ridiculously easy to make your website look good in mobile devices. And now you can bring the power of the WP Orbit Slider to your responsive Thesis website. The BYOB Orbit Slider Helper Box makes adding the Orbit Slider to your Thesis 2 site a snap! Just install the box and drag it anywhere on any template. You can even choose a a category of slides to show in that instance of the slider.

The WP Orbit Slider plugin (available free at is a fully responsive, highly customizable slider that can show off your work or your products with a clean modern style. Plus it automatically scales to fit any sized screen. As a bonus you can define a custom slide size right within your box, everyone else has to use the slider’s built in sizes or they have to write some code. You get it all with just drag and drop and point and click!

The BYOB Orbit Slider Helper Box for Thesis 2 allows you to:

  • Add any number of WP Orbit Sliders to your site
  • Use the Thesis 2 drag and drop system for placing the slider anywhere within your template
  • Specify the category of slides you wish displayed in each slider
  • Assign a custom image size for your slides without writing any code
  • Style the appearance of the slider wrapper with Thesis 2 packages.

Video Tutorial

Thesis 2 Professional Website: Lesson 11 – Part 3 – Add a Slide Show to the Feature Box. This video shows how to add the Orbit Slider Plugin and the Orbit Slider Helper Box to your site and then how to set options and styling.

Members can download the latest version of the box from the link below. The current version of the box is 1.0.4.

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