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BYOB Carta – A Responsive 2 Column Skin For Thesis 2.2

Carta Front Page Template

The BYOB Carta Skin is a fully responsive skin for Thesis 2.2. Carta is a “page width” style skin, with multiple layers of containers that can easily be styled independently. It shares many of the features of the Agility Skin, including the smart responsive columns – which allow you to reconfigure the layout of any page. Carta is packed with tools designed to allow you to create a very customized appearance with a minimum amount of code knowledge.
The BYOB Carta Skin for Thesis 2.2 fully embraces the Design and Content options made possible by Thesis 2.2. It makes it possible for you to change all of the colors of the skin with simply a click of the button. Plus you can use the new Thesis complimentary color system to add contrasting and complementary colors throughout your site.

Carta comes with 6 templates and the possibility of unlimited custom templates. It includes a static front page template with a fully responsive, widgetized feature box, a full width content area, featured page attention boxes and configurable footer widgets.

Want your text to look great? Carta also implements Chris Pearson’s “Golden Ratio Typography” system that adjusts font size, line height, padding and margins based on the width of the individual containers.

Note that this is the initial release of the skin, so there may be a handful of issues that need to be resolved. If you find one, let me know and I will address it immediately.

Below are descriptions of the main features of Carta. If you are looking for videos on how to use Carta select the following links.

Carta Smart Header Boxes

Carta comes with 2 different types of header configuration. The default header is a 2 column header that allows you to set the width and content of each column. Choose between:

  • Logo image
  • Widget Area
  • Nav Menu
  • Site title and tagline
  • or an empty box

Carta Smart HeaderCarta also comes with a single column header configuration.  This allows you to insert a different image for each type of device that views your site.  Yes, each image is responsive AND you can choose to use different images for smart phones, tablets and desktops.  You can also choose instead to use a widget area, site title and tagline or an empty box.

And because of the Thesis template system, you can have different headers on any template you choose.  Good bye “one size fits all”.

Carta Responsive Columns

I happen to like the page configuration that has the main column at two thirds the page width and the sidebar at one third the page width.  But you don’t have to.  You can reconfigure your pages anyway you want them.  Do you prefer a 3 column layout?  No problem, just point, click and drag and your template is now 3 columns wide – and still fully responsive.

Carta Responsive ColumnsDo you prefer a wider content area with a narrower sidebar?  Again no problem, just select the widths for the columns from their respective drop down menus and you’re good to go.

You can use this system to add any number of independently structured sections in your template, making it simple to create a magazine style layout on as many templates as you wish.

Cart Smart Widget Boxes

Want to streamline the process of adding responsive widget areas to you template?  Carta smart widget boxes make this task a snap.  Just drag one onto your template and  tell it how many widget areas to display.  I used this very tool to create both the Featured Page attention boxes and the footer widgets.

Point and Click Design Options

Carta comes packed with hundreds of options that you give you total control over the appearance of your site. Every piece of text can be styled from within the Skin Design Options panel.  And it’s not just text.  You can adjust padding, change the appearance of the submit buttons, customize virtually every aspect of the menus and style every background.

Carta Skin Design Options

Advanced Menu Styles

Carta comes with a highly advanced menu styling system, that not only allows you to set colors for text and backgrounds, but also add background images, borders, rounded corners and drop shadows.  It gives you the ability to set the styles for all 3 states independently.  Do you want to speed up your site with image sprites?  Carta is ready for image sprites right out of the box.

Carta Main Submenu Styles

Submenu Styles

It also gives you that same level of control over your submenus.  Allowing you to style your submenu independently from the menu itself.

Plus it has separate styling for a secondary menu.

Advanced Background Styles

Carta assumes that you may want to layer page styles on top of one another so it comes prepared.  Set background color, background image, borders, rounded corners and drop shadows for all of the major areas of the site.  Want to use multiple background images in the same area?  No problem, Carta is up to the task.

Carta Background Styles

Widget Styles up the Wazoo

Carta empowers you to create independent widget styles for your Header, Footer and Sidebar widgets.  Plus it comes with a supplementary style that creates a custom style that you can apply to any individual widget from inside the WordPress widgets panel.  Each widget now has a place for you to enter a class name to enable you to style it independently from the rest of the widgets in the widget area.  Plus, it comes with 3 pre-designed decorative widget styles that automatically adopt your color scheme.

Other Smart Tools

Carta also comes with some less flashy, but very useful tools.  There is the Carta Read More box that allows you to customize and add a read more link to your post excerpts.  It comes with the Carta Copyright box that lets you enter your company name and business start date.  It also comes with the Carta Featured Image box that gives you complete control over which image is inserted where.  And speaking of images, Carta creates 2 new image sizes.  The Featured Page image fits perfectly in the width of a widget area and the tiny thumbnail gives you the chance to use even smaller thumbnails in lists of recent posts.  Carta also includes the ability for you to specify a sort order for your posts and gives you custom excerpts for your pages.

Custom Media Queries

Carta has a full compliment of custom media query settings that allow you to override any of its default settings or even add custom code of your own.  When you use this system you know that your code is going in exactly the right place and is firing at the right time.

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The most recent version of Carta is Carta Nude 2.2.2