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DIY Coaching Package

Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce. I suppose you have to be of a certain age to appreciate the reference to the old Burger King commercial. However, most of the content on this site is member driven so our coaching packages should be as well. Take this option if you want a block of time to go over anything on your WordPress site you might want to work on or improve. This package includes 10 hours that we can use as you see fit.

This package doesn’t have a fixed schedule. Generally I like to keep the sessions to 1 hour with no more than 4 hours in any given week. Within those sessions we can work on anything – including:

Site Organization

  • Early discussions about the type of content and how it should be organized
  • Various methods of indexing and displaying your content
  • Potential use of custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Strategies for using categories and tags

Plugin Use and Optimization

  • What plugins are best for the job?
  • Ways to speed up plugins and optimize their use
  • Characteristics of plugins to avoid

Custom Coding

  • Use jQuery in advanced ways on your site
  • Fill in the intellectual gaps in custom css and php
  • Advanced techniques for using css and php
  • Setup a development site and synchronize with the live site
  • Using NetBeans to edit both live site and the development site

Site Optimization

  • Identify areas of the site that need improvement
  • Work on reducing page load times
  • SEO

Instruction on any topic

This coaching program starts off with a 60 minute recorded session where we discuss your specific situation and map out what we’re going to accomplish. Then we just meet regularly and work on those tasks.

We’ll record each session and provide them to you in HD MP4 format.

Annual Member Price

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