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Back on Track! Coaching Package

Many DIYers get started building their own sites only to get bogged down and lost.  What’s the next step?  Where should you spend your time and money?  Should you entirely rethink your website plan?  What’s the difference between the DIYer who builds her website in 2 months and the one who is still struggling 6 months into the process?  It usually comes down to having a clear plan of how to proceed.  How should the site be organized?  How much time should you spend on the site’s graphics?  Do you need optin forms? Email lists? Landing pages?  What are the critical things you need to do in order to get an effective website built to start selling your products and getting new leads?

I’ve trained over a thousand small business owners how to build their own websites.  I’ve seen many of them dive in with enthusiasm only to struggle a couple of months later.

If you find your self in this situation then the Back on Track! coaching package is just for you.  To learn more watch the video below.

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