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Search and Rescue

Don’t Panic! I haven’t met a WordPress disaster yet that I wasn’t able to fix. So, if your screen goes blank, if you can’t login to your dashboard, if your database is corrupted, if your site gets hacked, I can help. Now I can’t fix a failure to backup your WordPress site, so please make sure you do that regularly. However, I can probably help you fix anything else.

There isn’t any fixed fee for this but I’ve fixed most problems in under 2 hours. So if you need my help – buy an hour and give me a call. Together we can fix:

Admin Problems

  • Parts of your Dashboard no longer working
  • Inability to login to your dashboard
  • Odd admin warnings
  • Lost admin password
  • The White Screen of Death

Backup and Recovery

  • Recover your site from a backup
  • Recover your site from a corrupted backup file
  • Recover specific database tables

Domain Failures

  • Failures in domain name resolution
  • 404 errors
  • Site cloning errors

The way this works is that we diagnose your website problem together and either you watch me fix it or I look over your shoulder while you fix it. Either way we can solve lots of typical problems in an hour or less. And because of the trauma involved in being in this position I try to make room for these emergencies immediately in my schedule.

The price below is “per hour” with a 1 hour minimum. Buy 1 hour to start and then we’ll settle up after we’re finished.

Like everything else we’ll record the session and provide it to you in HD MP4 format.

Annual Member Price

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Yes, Founding and Lifetime members can also take advantage of this price.

Standard Price

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