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Detailed Site Review Coaching Package

Most DIYers fail to make their site as effective as possible. I’ve seen time and again members spend months working on their sites only to get sub standard results. What’s the difference between sites that sell products and generate leads and those that don’t? It’s usually due to failures in some of the most basic aspects of good website design. Hey, it’s easy to get so caught up in the more technical aspects of your site that you forget about the mundane parts that actually make your site work.

The Detailed Site Review Coaching Package is designed specifically to solve this.  This is a one one one coaching session where we look at all aspects of your site and make detailed recommendations for specific ways to improve it. Watch the video below for more information.

Here is part of Detailed Site Review we did as a seminar

The rest of the Detailed Site Review can be found in our Case Studies.

Annual Member Price

Yes, Founding and Lifetime members can also take advantage of this price.

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