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Start Right! Coaching Package

So you’ve decided to build your own WordPress website and you are getting a handle on the mechanics of how to do it.  But how do you know where to start?  How do you know where to spend your time and energy?  How do you make a manageable plan for getting the site completed?  If you are like most beginners it’s hard to map out a clear course to completion.  It’s hard to know if you are making big mistakes at the very beginning that will cost you time and money to fix later.  I’ve trained well over a thousand small business owners to build their own sites.  And I’ve seen them struggle with these issues time and time again.

If you are in that situation, don’t feel bad, it’s par for the course.  But you don’t have to be there.  You can get started right and have a laser like focus on exactly what you have to do to complete it.

The Start Right! coaching package is designed to help you with this.  Watch the video below for more information.

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