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Resources for Building Your Business Web Presence

Below are resources that we created for some of our courses and seminars.

10 Strategies Every DIY Website Builder Should Know

In this free seminar we present our 10 strategies for keeping on track and getting your site completed. These strategies come from lessons we’ve learned over the last few years helping clients get their sites finished. We discuss the difficulties for the DIY site builder and how to overcome them. So, if you’re just beginning to develop your site or you’re stuck in the process watch this seminar!


Do you fully understand how to organize your Pages and Posts? Do you know what it means when we say that WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS)? If you are looking for a basic but thorough introduction to how to organize your content then these video tutorials will give you the information you need. They were created as part of our Build a Professional Website Using WordPress and Thesis 2 but the information is independent of the course.

WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)
Organizing Content in WordPress

Thesis 2.3

We created a cheat sheet for our introductory seminar that shows the relationship between primary font size and padding in the Thesis Classic Responsive skin.  If you want your columns to be a specific width you can use this cheat sheet to calculate the column width including padding.  Essentially to calculate the width, find the padding width for your font and muliply that by two (for left and right padding).  For example if you want a 500 pixel wide column and are using the Georgia font at 16px your column would be 500 + 27 + 27 = 554 pixels.

We also have some cheat sheets for the more advanced Thesis 2.3 user.

Thesis 2

From our Beginner’s Guide to the Thesis 2.0 Skin Editor seminar, we have a cheat sheet with rules for creating Class and ID names along with a list of WordPress generated class names that you shouldn’t use.

We have two resources from our How to upgrade from Thesis 1.x to Thesis 2 Using the Thesis Classic Skin seminar. There is a checklist you can use to document the settings you have in Design Options in your Thesis 1.x site which is available both in Excel and PDF formats. The other is a cheat sheet that shows where the settings in Thesis Design Options from 1.x are set in the Thesis 2 Classic skin.

How To Customize Thesis Like a Pro

How To Create a Membership Site – Thesis, WP eStore, WP eMember and Simple:Press forum

We, of course, think of our plugins, skins and boxes as resources. These can be found under Member Benefits on the Menu above.
The list below has resources that we didn’t create and are not affiliated with but that we think you’ll find useful.
This next list has resources that we didn’t create but we highly recommend. These are affiliate links.

BackupBuddy – we haven’t found a better or more reliable plugin for backing up and migrating sites since we began using it ourselves
InMotion Hosting
The Thesis Theme
AWeber – email marketing program
WordPress eMember – get content protection and more for membership websites
WP eStore – shopping cart plugin that allows you to sell any type of digital products and services