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All the Basics of Using Genesis 2 – Part 11 – Setup the Enterprise Pro Blog and Archive Pages

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We have just finished setting up the Genesis 2 Enterprise Pro Child Theme Front Page and now we need to set up a couple other pages.

Theme Settings – Archive Pages

The first is our Archive pages. Let’s come back over to Genesis theme settings and scroll down to the content archives. You can choose to display either post content or post excerpts. We’ll choose post excerpts, we’ll select the featured image and we’re going to use the thumbnail 200 x200. For post navigation we’ll leave it at numeric and then we can save those settings.

Let’s go to Blog page and look at the category of Working with an Architect. This is what that category archive page looks like after we made those changes. Now you’ve got a thumbnail image and you’ve got the excerpt.

We don’t have a “Read More” tag but you can click on it to go over to the page, you can go to the author page here and see all the posts created by me with their little thumbnail images. Because this site had Genesis setup already on it, it already has a blog page setup but I’m going to show you how to actually set that up right now.

Setting Up the Blog Page

The only way you’re going to get a blog page is by creating a blank page and inside it, under the templates, you choose blog template. If you don’t have at least one page with the blog template on it you’re not going to get a blog page.

The reason why the blog shows up here is because I already added a page and chose the blog template on it. It’s the blog template that creates this view.

Theme Settings – Blog Page Template

We can set up the Blog template to have specific features just like we did the Archive page. Come over to Genesis and Theme Settings and go down here to the Blog Page Template. We can set it to only show specific categories or we can set it to exclude certain categories. For example, let’s add 1 in this Exclude Category IDs. 1 represents uncategorized posts.

And we can set the number of posts that we want to show there. So now hit save settings, come back over and view our page. The uncategorized post, that “Hello World” post, is not showing up here any more but all the other posts are showing. We can look at the Design Ideas category archive page and see all those that were categorized that way.

Let’s go back to our home page and the site is essentially configured and ready to run as a small business website.

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