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All the Basics of Using Genesis 2 – Part 9 – Setup the Enterprise Pro Footer

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We have the Genesis 2 Enterprise Pro Child Theme header all set up so the next thing we’re going to do is set up the footer. And the footer is really easy to set up, at least at first.

3 Widget Areas in the Footer

We’ll go to Appearance and Widgets and you can see that the footer has 3 widget areas. And it appears that you have to put something in the first footer before anything is going to show up. So let’s look at our inactive widgets and take this Recent Posts widget and drop it up there.

In the second widget we’ll add this NextGen widget. Then do I have a Contact widget here? Yes, here’s my Contact widget with my LinkedIn information. We’ll take that and place that in 3.

Let’s refresh this page and now I’ve got some content in the footer in each widget area and now that you do that your basic footer is setup.

Using the Genesis Widgetized Footer Plugin

There’s this Copyright and WordPress Log Out text down here below our widgets and if you want to get rid of this and add your own text then all we need to do is install a plugin called the Genesis Widgetized Footer. Let’s come over to Plugins and say Add New and we’re going to search for Genesis Widgetized Footer.

There are a bunch of footer plugins but you want to get this one here by Deckerweb, David Decker. We’ll install that, activate the plugin and then when you come back over to your widget areas, you’ve got a couple of new ones.

Adds 3 New Footer Widgets

Actually, we’ve got 3 new ones in the footer. We’ve got a disclaimer which goes at the bottom then you’ve got Footer Widget Area 1 and 2 that have been added above that. So you can put two widgets side by side down here but you can also just use one and that’s what I’m going to do.

In the new Footer Area 1, I’m going to add another text widget and here I’m going to say “Copyright 2014” and save that. If I put only one widget in, it centers that widget and it replaces that other Copyright and WordPress text and puts that widget right down here below the other 3 widget areas.

So this enables us to get rid of the default Genesis attribute text and put our own in. Again, you have the choice of having a 2 column widget area here along with a disclaimer which goes down here at the bottom but for most people using just the one widget area is sufficient, just like that.

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