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All the Basics of Using Genesis 2 – Part 7 – Setup the Site Layout Using Theme Settings

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What we’re going to do now is set up the Genesis 2 Enterprise Pro Child Theme site layout using the theme settings.

Set Column Layout

So we’re going to come back over here to Genesis theme settings and we’re going to set the default layout to 2 column with sidebar on the right.

Set Menu Location

Then we go back to our Appearance and Menus and we’ll go to manage locations. Our primary navigation menu is going to be the main menu. So select that change and we’ll save that.

Then come back over to the Genesis theme settings and to Navigation. We’re going to say none in Display the Following because I don’t want to keep that Twitter link in the Menu.

Set Breadcrumbs

We’ll go ahead and enable breadcrumbs on the homepage, on the 404 page and on attachment pages.

And we’re going to leave the rest of the settings as they are at the moment. We’re going to save the settings and call that good. Let’s come back over and look at our site and it looks like it should at this point.

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