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Bee Crafty Theme Quickstart Guide – Part 4 – Customizing the Background

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In this session we demonstrate how to customize the background of the Bee Crafty child theme for Genesis. We show how to customize the background color and add tilable background image to make the site more unique.

Not only can you customize the menu but you can also customize the background. I’m going to demonstrate customizing the background again by simply going to Appearance and Backgrounds.

Choose a Background Image

We’re going to start off by choosing a background image. There’s already a background image there and it’s already set up as default. Whatever background image we put in here is going to take precedence over that. I’m going to choose a file in the library. I’m going to choose that file and it’s this dark green paw and I’m going to set it as background.

Background Image Settings

And with the background image set, I’m going to set the position to center. I’m going to have it repeat or in this case, tile is what it means. You can tile it all over the page. You could just tile it horizontally. You could just tile it vertically but we’re going to tile it. And then we’re going to let it scroll and hit save.

And if we come over and refresh this, it’s going to look awful because it’s going to have that red background still. But it’s got that green with that red background color and then to change the background color, it’s in the same dialogue. I need to figure out what that background color is, so that’s this color right here.

So you got to admit, that looks quite a bit different than the original Bee Crafty does. It’s just by changing the background color and adding a tileable background image that you can get something that is closely customized to what you want to use or that makes the site look more unique to you.

Let’s see, let’s go back to Genesis Theme Settings and let’s set that as our main default. There we go.

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