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Bee Crafty Theme Quickstart Guide – Part 6 – Setup the Home Page/Blog Page

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In this session we show how to setup and configure the Bee Crafty Theme home page and blog page. We talk about the default configuration where the home page displays the polaroids and the typical WordPress front page configuration where we set which categories of posts we want to show. We configure the user profile for displaying a username publicly and show how to add featured images to the posts.

So the next thing we’re going to do is setup and configure the home page and the blog page.

Two Possible Configurations

Bee Crafty comes with two possible configurations. The default configuration is what we see right here and that has your homepage and by default it displays these polaroids. And then it has an alternative configuration which is essentially a typical WordPress front page configuration. And we’re going to look at both of those here.

Default Configuration

We’re going to start off by looking at the default configuration and by default, the homepage is this polaroids page. Let’s go to Genesis theme settings for a second, inside your theme settings, you scroll all the way down to the bottom. You can see this homepage gallery settings. This is where you can set which categories of posts you want to show.


You could choose a single gallery. Genesis shows an example of using a category called featured. I think that’s horrible because they’re using categories essentially to set up styling when really, your categories should be meaningful in terms of your site organization and should have no meaning whatsoever with respect to site styling. I understand that the programmers didn’t necessarily think about it. They probably thought, “Oh, won’t it be great to take a category and make it featured and then we can stick our featured post in there and we can always only show our featured post?” But really, I think that’s a horrible idea.

Customize Options

If you select all categories, what’s going to happen is the latest posts are going to show up. So every time you post a new post, you get new ones there. Now here, you have a choice of whether or not you want 3, 6, 9, or 12 images to show up on the homepage. We’re going to pick 6 at the moment and hit save settings.

Change Your User Name

Let’s come over and refresh this and now I only have 6 of them showing up. Notice how it says it gives the name of the post and then by byobrick? byobrick is my username, my login name. You’d be way better off putting a real name in there so the real name is going to come under user settings.

Go to users and your profile and change your profile to display name publicly as, let’s put Rick Anderson in here and then Rick would be my nickname. And then I can pick Rick Anderson as the display name publicly and then hit save, come back over and refresh and now there’s a better name here.

Sticky Posts

Something else that may not be immediately obvious to you is that this is also displaying the sticky post first. So Van Black Cherries is a post that I designated as a sticky post. It’s not actually the latest post. It’s just the first sticky post. And then these two are latest posts and so on and so forth. So that’s another way of sort of overcoming the latest post thing.

If you want to make a post stick to this, you can easily make them all sticky and those sticky posts will all show up on this. Sticky posts will have an effect on our blog page as well though so it may not be the solution you want to use for everything. But nevertheless, the point of that is that this polaroid gallery respects the sticky post designation.

Apply Featured Images

Okay now notice there are no images here. And the reason there are no images here is because these images are created from the featured images that are attached to the post. So what we really need to do is apply some featured images here.

We’ll come over here to posts, all posts and we’re going to open…I don’t think quick edit will do it, will it? No. So we’ll open all of these, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… we’ll do that one too.

For our Hello World post, we’re going to select the featured image and I’ve already got all these images in my Media Library so I’m just going to go look for them. Okay, use as featured image and update that and then close it, come over here, set the featured image from the Media Library. Use as featured image, set featured image. What post is this one? Cherry. This one is also cherries, set featured image. Okay, let’s see, a couple more and then the last one, okay.

When we refresh this now we have our 6 images. When you hover over the image, the image slides up and you can see the name of the post. And that’s how that whole thing sets up.

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