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One Hour Website Makeover DJ Sean Denard Part 11- Add Content Widgets

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This is Part 11 of the One Hour Website Makeover for DJ Sean Denard’s site and in this session we show how to add content to text widgets and then use the BYOB Thesis Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin to add those widgets to pages.

Video Transcript

The next thing we’re going to now is add content to these… well, we’re going to create these, right here. And this is a text widget that has a heading, an image, a text content and a link. And what we’re going to do is put this… the content in our text widgets and then use the settings in the plugin to style the widgets.

And so if we come back over here to widgets for just a second, widgets… and we have our widget block 1 widget column 1, widget block 1 widget column 2, and widget block 1 widget column 3. Andthese are those… the 3 widgets that we’re going to put stuff in. If we come over and look at our Shortcode Content Widgets plugin for a second, we can grab that shortcode which is this one here, byob content widgets block = 1. We can just grab that shortcode and come over to this page and paste the shortcode there. Hit update and we’re automatically going to… will have added 3 content areas or 3 widget areas, 1, 2, 3, to our content.

Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to stick stuff in these widget areas and we’re going to style it. And so if we come back over to our Appearance and Widgets, we are going to… actually, we’re going to start off by going to a page actually. Let’s see, yeah. We’re going to go to our sandbox page and create this text in the sandbox and then paste it in to the text widget. So we go to all pages and then find our sandbox page. And in this case, we’re going to delete that text. I’m going to… first, I’m going to insert an image and I’m going to insert it from the media library and that first image is this one here. And I’m… this is actually not going to link off to anything so I’m going to say none. It’s going to be centered and it’s going to be full sized and I’m not going to change the rest of this stuff. I’m just going to say insert into post.

So now our image is there and the next thing to do would be to add some text. And I’m going to take the text from an existing text widget that you can’t see because it’s off from my other screen. Okay but there are some Lorem Ipsum text and then finally, I want to put a link in here. And what I’m going to do is I am going to include the link and I’m just going to link it off to my website, You wouldn’t do that of course, you would link to whatever it was you were going to link. But I’m going to say, “For more information…” and then we’re going to add that link. And actually, that’s the title. I’m going to copy that title and I’m going to make that the link text also.

Okay so I’m going to update this and if we bounce over to our visual view, there’s our image. Here’s our text. Here’s our link. So I’m just going to copy that and I’m going to go back over here to widgets. I’m going to leave that page. Now under widget block 1, I’m going to grab a text widget right over there, paste the text which has the image text and the link. So the next thing I’m going to do here then is to type… let’s see, hot chicken bed. My wife does not take offense, hot chicken bed. So if we come over here and refresh it, we’ve got a heading. We’ve got an image. We’ve got text and we’ve got the link.

And I think what I’m going to do is automatically add paragraphs to this so we get a space here and a space there and hit save and refresh. Okay so now, this is down on its own line and then I think actually, I’m just going to copy this content and put it in the other spot. No, I’m not. that would just be boring.

So the next thing we’re going to do is… although I’m not going to go to the effort of creating this content again. I’m just going to steal it form the other site and this one’s called on the rocks and hit save. And then widget column 3, copy from the other site. Widget column 3, grab a text widget. Prop it in, cold chicken bed, hit save.

Okay so now I have 3 sets of content here, 3 sets of images. Oh, I forgot to select automatically add paragraphs but I do have my 3 sets of images. And what we’re going to do now is use this… the settings in the plugin to take the style… this style or take these widgets and turn them into these widgets here. So first, we’ll automatically add paragraphs to that and we’ll automatically add paragraphs to that.

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