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One Hour Website Makeover DJ Sean Denard Part 2 – The New Design

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This is Part 2 of the One Hour Website Makeover Series and in this session we show the new design we’ve created for DJ Sean Denard’s website. We discuss the different areas of the new site design site such as the widgets, featured images, nav menu, music, etc. We also talk about the plugins that were used to develop the site.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay here we are, Sean. You were late so we started without you. How are you doing, Sean?

Sean: I was flying down the road to get here to you.

Rick: That’s okay. This is going to be really cool too. You know, Kim outdid herself here on this and actually you know, we sort of had this agreement that we would limit the time we put into this to 6 hours and I’m not sure Kim did that this week. But we’re pretty excited to show you what we’re going to show you here.

Kim: But before we go there, let’s just say… well, I guess we can it afterwards but the little flash thing we have going, you might or might not want it so it’s not going to hurt our feelings if you do not like it, okay?

Sean: You’re not talking about the one that’s on there right now.

Rick: No, she made no flash for you.

Sean: Okay. Kim, bless you. I just want to say thank you before I even see anything. Thank you so much.

Kim: Okay, wait until you see it.

Sean: Okay, okay.

Rick: Okay so Kim, as we get ready to unleash this on him, how do you want to describe this, Kim?

Kim: Well, I made it brighter. I made it brighter since it contained weddings and schools and I want it to look a little brighter and happier. And I really wanted who you are to stand out, Sean Denard, and you are a DJ. So that part that was really important but that was sort of be really big on top and not be confused about what that is. So that’s kind of where we started.

Sean: Okay.

Rick: Here it is. Actually, I’m going to refresh this so that you can hear the music. Okay so here we are you know, ignore the pictures. I just dragged pictures of myself into this. But the big idea here is we used sort of bright, happy, party colors and then you know, make the whole Sean Denard thing stand out very clearly. I made the serving the Seattle area thing you know, very bright and prominent. Your phone number, bright and prominent. Nobody’s going to miss what’s going on here, right?

Sean: Yes. I love it.

Rick: Well, good. And then we have the slider like we talked about, the content gallery. And then we have a group… I don’t know, some text, whatever the text happens to be.

Kim: You need some text value right there, I think. I mean, yeah, I think you do.

Sean: Okay, sure.

Rick: And then we sort of have you know, teaser-like links off other parts of your site. So you know, whether it’s a school… I mean, weddings. I think actually, in Kim’s example, I put my wife in all these pictures. But as an example…

Kim: And I did not say hot chick in bed.

Rick: No. Well, here we are. We’re sleeping up at 6500 feet or something like that on the rocks, right along that edge is that cliff that drops off 2000 feet.

Sean: Oh wow.

Rick: It was just absolutely… it was the most… and actually, right behind me, I took this picture. Right behind me, it does exactly the same thing. And it was from that place that we took this. This panorama was shot from this bed, laying in bed.

Sean: See, I toss and turn in bed so I probably would fall over the cliff.

Rick: Well actually you know, the guy that we were… a buddy that we climbed with on this climb was sleeping just beyond us here and he actually did tie himself in because he really didn’t want to fall. So anyway…

So then… but that’s what these are. These are essentially you know, a place for you to feature images of stuff that you’re doing, stuff that you do with text about it and then links off to those pages.

Sean: Yes. Now there’s 3…

Rick: Yeah?

Sean: Kim, there was 3… would you suggest to put something… did you have something in mind to put in those 3?

Kim: I would definitely do your latest weddings. I mean, whatever your latest event is. If you can break it down to weddings and school. And actually, I was thinking the 3rd one, if you didn’t have a lot of stuff, we could put another check my availability kind of you know, something in there.

Rick: I was thinking… I thought we were talking about tools. Here is the design concept that she did. And so you know, weddings, school events, my events. That was that tools things, right? It was the my events.

Sean: You mean, instead of saying my events, to put tools in there?

Rick: No, same my events but then there are links to the different tools or there’s a picture of you know, a party or something like that and then there’s a description of the tools available that when they click on the link, they’ll see them.

Sean: Right. You know, what will also fit perfectly in this where is the… because I have about 12 different links that are tools like the plan your wedding, to book it, to pick your music and I think they would fit nicely right in there.

Kim: (06.07) for that.

Rick: And so you can see here is what we really thought of in terms of the menu. It was recent events, that’s the blog, right? Recent events, My Event which is the planning place. Then weddings, schools, about and contact us. And then that stuff you know, sits across the top like that just without anything wrapping around it. Nothing drops down. Nothing wraps around it, just these things that stand out like that.

Sean: Okay. Go ahead, Kim.

Kim: Oh, I was going to ask Rick. Rick, you put home in there. Can you not make that flash header (06.51). Is that why you did that?

Rick: Well, I can’t make the flash part hot back to home. I mean, I suppose you could in the flash definition itself. Yeah, I just didn’t have time today to make these things hot… well, to make them links.

Kim: Would you do that or…

Rick: Yes, I would do that. I would make the Sean and the Denard links as if this was a header that you could click back to the home and then you could lose the homepage.

Kim: Okay, I was just curious because we had talked about that and I was just curious like if there was a reason why you felt that would be necessary to put home on there.

Rick: No, I would definitely do it. I just… you know, I ran out of time.

Kim: So (07.36) here, do we get to hear it? I never did hear it.

Rick: Well, did anybody else hear it?

Sean: I didn’t hear anything.

Kim: Well you know, this is completely against what I feel about music on websites but it’s so small.

Rick: Well, it’s about 3 seconds of da-dun da-dun da-dun… you know?

Sean: I thought I heard something like that. I couldn’t really hear it though.

Rick: You know what? Hang on. I’m going to unplug my headphone and I’m going to put my microphone up to the speakers and you will be able to hear this. Just a second here.

Sean: Okay.

Kim: I bet if I do (08.13)


Rick: See?

Sean: We couldn’t hear it. We just heard a feedback sound.

Rick: Oh is that all? Okay.

Kim: Maybe you can hear it on my… you wouldn’t be able to see it but…

Rick: Actually, you probably could… we could probably hear it from yours.

Kim: Can you not hear that right now?

Rick: No.

Kim: Oh okay. Well, never mind. Well, we can (08.46). I mean, that can be taken off totally.

Sean: Is it like a…

Rick: And actually, the way this is is that sound only exists on the homepage. We have 2 versions of the flash, one of them without sound and one of them without so that people can you know, move from page to page without that thing automatically restarting. So the only time they hear that is when they go back to the homepage.

Sean: Okay, got you. Got you. I love it.

Kim: That’s really something you need to think about if you want. I mean, we just… I kind of threw that in there.

Rick: We normally tell everybody, forget the music. Don’t put any music on your site but this just seem like it was too much fun.

Sean: I wish I could hear… you said it just goes da-dun-da dun?

Rick: Yeah. It’s da-dun dadun… and people are hollering in the background you know.

Kim: Can you not see it?

Sean: I can see… what’s that…

Kim: No, can you not load it onto your…

Rick: Well, it plays on my computer. I can hear it. It’s just that there’s no place that it’s being picked up.

Kim: No, I’m going to email to him.

Rick: Yeah.

Sean: Okay. It looks… I just love it.

Kim: Well, Rick created a bunch of cool plugins for this to be…

Rick: Actually, I did. I created 2 plugins for this site. First one is this header plugin. This header plugin actually consists of… and in fact you know, I didn’t have any questions for this morning’s session and only a couple of people showed up. So I started demonstrating how to build the site with the plugins. And I’m going to finish that. I’m going to finish demonstrating how to use my plugins to create this so that you don‘t have to try and figure that out yourself because all of this is done using plugins including these 3 widget areas. These are all done using plugins.

But in any case, the first plugin that I created is the plugin that makes this header. And so one header piece with the text widget in it and then we’ve got another widget piece which doesn’t have anything in it now but will have a transparent image that can be clicked on to go to home and that’s the same thing here. And then it’s got another widget area that has the text widget in it that has the flash. And then it’s another widget area here that is divided into half. One half has the phone number and the other half has the check my availability link.

Kim: You want to tell them why you did that?

Rick: Well yeah, I’m going to go back to drawing the… yeah, okay. So the first thing is I wanted these to be real text, right? I wanted somebody on their mobile phone, if they go to your site that this links up and they click on it which means this can’t be an image. This has got to be text.

Sean: Okay.

Rick: I actually wanted this you know, serving the Seattle area. In fact, I see this really as your h1 tag for this page. I wanted that to also be text. I didn’t want it to be an image. And then check my availability, check this out. The check my availability, you click on that and this little you know, thing pops up and so now it’s no longer around the… you know, it’s not just sitting right there. This could either link off to the tools page or it could link off to… or it can do what it’s doing here which is… oh, isn’t that interesting? The flash is sitting over the top of… Kim, you can see the dimensions of the flash here, right?

Kim: I see that, yeah.

Rick: The flash is sitting over the top of the jQuery. That’s kind of cool actually.

Sean: I like it too.

Rick: But anyway, then you end up with the code for this. Now, I’ll show you how I did that. So I mean, that’s why I did it that way. I mean, you could just do one great big banner and have that as a background image and then put some flash right in the middle or this could be one big flash banner and then it could have been simple. But I really wanted all these things to be links and text. And so…

Sean: And you could use it on your… somebody can see it from their phone.

Rick: And so somebody can see it from their phone and click on it and everything else. Right.

Sean: Right.

Rick: And this has a fall back image to it too so if you’ve got an iPhone, it doesn’t play flash. It just shows the circle, the headphone sitting still on the DJ.

Sean: Oh okay.

Rick: So that’s its fallback position if the person doesn’t have flash.

Kim: And if you ever do use flash like that, you should always have an alternative jpeg that is not flash.

Sean: Okay, gotcha.

Kim: And that’s just for everybody (14.16)

Rick: And so in terms of the… so that was one plugin that I created was this header… it’s called the Horizontal Header Layout plugin. And the second one I did was this one which is the Shortcode Content Widgets plugin and essentially, you can create and style the widgets or the sidebars, because that’s what they are. They’re sidebars. You can create and style the sidebars from the options menu and then take the shortcode and place it in the page and it will automatically put these sidebars in there.

Sean: So those are sidebars on the bottom there?

Rick: These are sidebars, yeah. So if we go here for example, if we go to our…

Kim: And then Rick, can you go in there and change those out accordingly? They don’t have to just stay static. You can go and change the content of that.

Rick: Yeah, absolutely because this is it. Widget block 1, widget column 1, hot chick in bed. There’s the label. There’s the… it’s just a text widget with the image sitting in it and then the text and then the link. So these are just text widgets sitting inside of these sidebars. And these sidebars were created using the shortcode content widgets which I did a little presentation of… ignore this. I have this in there for… the version you can download form the site won’t show you this information. I put this information for diagnostic purposes as I was working on it. But you know, you can style…this is your widget block 1 and we don’t actually have an example of widget block 2 on the site. But you can select the number of widget blocks you want to create and then select how many columns are in each widget blocks. So this one has 3 and then you can you know, set up… you can style the headings so you can see, for example, my link… actually, this was the text. So I switched the text to Arial. I increased the font size. I made the font white in that area with a link color of yellow and so on and so forth. And all these stuff can be set form these different options.

And then when it’s time to actually put that in the page, it’s just a shortcode. There’s the shortcode right there, byobcontent widget block = 1. It’s the shortcode right here, block = 1.

Sean: And that shortcode will change every time you make a change?

Rick: The sidebars will mchange every time you make a change. So if we were to say… if we didn’t like that turquoise color, let’s say for example, we wanted to… where did we go? Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I need to go back to the page. Let’s say, we didn’t like this green and we wanted it to be a light grey for example. You know, you could come back over here to the widget block 1 settings and go down to the column background style and this is where the grey is set or the green is currently set. But you could you know, let’s say you want it lighter. You want the green but just want it… well, let’s do something that looks obviously different so it’s purple now.

Sean: You better ask Kim that the…

Rick: Yeah, I’m going to lose this color. I’m going to…

Kim: No, you’re only going to lose your text color.

Rick: Yeah, it’s okay. I can… because I can… if I hit save now and refresh the other page, it goes into purple. I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you Kim. What was that?

Kim: I love that. It’s just so easy.

Rick: Yeah. And so anyway, those are the two plugins that I worked furiously on here ever since last week when we talked to get ready for tonight. And both of these plugins are on the site now. They can be downloaded and used. By this time next week, there will be videos on the site on how to use them.

Kim: So is that just a slideshow at the very top of…

Rick: This right here?

Kim: Yeah. Was that just a slideshow?

Rick: This is the Dynamic Content Gallery plugin inside the… and so the plugins that are in use here are first off, the Horizontal Header Layout plugin and then the WP Nav Menus plugin for the navigation menus and then the Feature Box plugin for adding the Dynamic Content Gallery and then the Shortcode Content Widgets plugin, the Footer Widgets plugin and the background, the Full Width Background plugin. So we’ve got…

Sean: Oh you did make a plugin for the background?

Rick: Yes, absolutely. All this stuff is…

Kim: Oh wait. Did you put 3 backgrounds in there too?

Rick: Yeah, there are… there is this background image here and then there’s the background image which is the long, narrow strip for the top and the bottom. And then there’s the background image that runs right through the middle here.

Kim: It has the background – the blue, the white.

Rick: Yeah, it’s the blue and the white and the little bit of shadow.

Sean: Right.

Rick: And so if we go to the Full Width Backgrounds plugin here for a second and you know, here’s the background image for the main one. If we want to look at it you know, we can just open up a browser within it. So that’s the main background image and then the header area background image has a 10-pixel wide background image and it’s just a shadow. You can see it’s the blue with a shadow dropping off.

Kim: PNG. It’s a transparent png.

Rick: Yeah, it’s a transparent png. And then the 3rd one is for the content area that background image and that’s the same as this one except it’s got a white space in the middle so it still stretches all the way across. But it’s from here… but you know, in the middle it’s white and that’s how we accomplish this look. We’ve got the big background in the background and then you’ve got the blue strip at the top and at the bottom and then you’ve got the blue and white strip in the middle.

Kim: So Rick had to talk me through that. I mean, I always find these things a little… I can design it but I find it a little confusing (22.03).

Sean: Did you design that background, Kim?

Kim: Yeah, just the… well, I just… the little things I just added, the little circles and little black background, yeah.

Sean: I love the color scheme on it. I really do.

Kim: Is it too bright, you think, for you?

Sean: I don’t think so because you know, it’s got to be… you know, eye-catching as a DJ, you know? I’ve had so many different… I think I was asking Rick one time, “What’s good color is it… complementing each other?” I had no idea.

Rick: What did I say? I said I have no idea too either.

Sean: Exactly.

Kim: Colors are really hard, I think. I mean, just they’re sort of… and there are so many those sites out there… oh Rick, help me out. Color…

Rick: Cooler?

Kim: Cooler and there are a lot of different color picker sites that you can go to and just sort of you know, they have color combinations that you can just say, oh I mean, it might be weird color combination but you might really like it. Get some inspiration from those color sites, those color picker sites. I think Rick, don’t you have links to those somewhere on your site?

Rick: You know, I don’t think I do but it’s a good question.

Sean: I have been on those sites though and seen about 5 of them.

Kim: Yeah. I mean, I have a hard time with color. I mean, I tend to be too subdued and not bright enough, you know, which is kind of hard because I wanted yours to be kind of bright. And so of course that’s (23.41) light greys because that happens to be sort of my… But I think just for yours, just because it’s such a party kind of bright, I think that you should have that kind of feel to it.

Sean: Rick, can I ask you about the functionality of it?

Rick: Yeah.

Sean: Now, the Content Gallery, so I will have my own pictures and then I think on the Content Gallery, can you put like a little description of each?

Rick: Yeah, see these… that’s actually what’s going on here. It’s just that I don’t have any content there. When you click on it, it takes me over to this advanced tutorials page. I actually just don’t have any content there so it doesn’t have anything to draw from.

Sean: So when you click a picture, say, I have a picture of my last wedding on there, that would take them to page that… it would be like a page in the wedding navigation area?

Rick: Well, this is the standard Dynamic Content Gallery behavior and what I did here was… let’s see, Dynamic Content Gallery I believe is under Settings. Yeah, there we go. What I did was under Gallery Method, I selected the ID method and then I just put post… actually, these are page IDs. I just put the page ids in that I wanted to grab the images from. And then on those pages, I inserted those images. So here are the 3 pages that have those images. You know, if we go to the About page, it brings up this you know, Dynamic Content Gallery metabox in here and I just put the URL for that image here, right?

Sean: Right.

Rick: And so, what happens is, here it says external link for image. If you put an external link there then when you click on the picture, it will go to the external link. However, if you don’t put anything in there, it will go to the page that is you know, that the image is on. That is the about page in this case. So it will… in the absence of an external link, it goes to the page that you have identified, that you want… whose image you want to show. It goes to the page who has the page id, a poster page id that you put in that box.

Kim: So you have to change that every time, that page numbers?

Rick: Well, I picked… the thing is, I picked the… and it sounds to me like that’s what he would have to do because of the way he wants to do it. You can automate it and so if we go back to settings and Dynamic Content Gallery, you can actually automate it and you know, have it take the first image from one category and the first image from another category and another category. You know, so say you’ve got 3 categories or 4 categories of post. It could take the you know, any number of images or any number of posts so this is the first post. You could put number 2 there and it would be the 2nd post or you can pick different categories and have first post. That would make it automated. Or you can take a category and you can say, “I want you to display you know, the first 5 posts of this specific category.” And then you don’t have to do anything except make sure there’s an image there. Or you can use the one that I did which is the id method and that you can mix and match. You can put anything in there you want then. It doesn’t have to be a specific category or a specific post or page. It can be any one of them that you want but that’s entirely manual. You just have to do it.

Kim: So are those pages and post, are those visible somewhere?

Rick: Well yeah, they are. If we click on that, we just went to the… took me to the advanced tutorials.

Kim: Right. Okay.

Rick: So it’s just that there’s no content is all.

Sean: So you would get there easily… another way to get to that same page is just click advanced tutorials on the navigation bar?

Rick: No, actually, you’d have to click More. And the way this is configured is if there were some… if there was text in there, you would take the excerpt so this would be a little bit bigger and there’d be more text in and that kind of stuff. You know, I just threw this stuff in.

Kim: Can I make one comment about that gallery?

Rick: Yeah.

Kim: For Sean’s sake? It feels… I mean, I know it can go deeper so they can go larger but that does feel like it’s a really long, sort of big image, you know? So you’re going to have to really, sort of pick images that fit in there. But I was also thinking… and I don’t know, Rick, I don’t know if you can do this but… I don’t know if I can do it…I mean, I don’t know if it can be done, I guess is what I’m saying. But say you have 2 photos from a wedding that you really like but they’re just not that wide. They just wouldn’t… they’re not that large. They wouldn’t fit into that sort of…

Rick: You put them together in Photoshop.

Sean: Photoshop, yeah.

Kim: I wonder, you can put them together and just have two really nice images there.

Sean: Right, right. Sure.

Kim: And try to stretch them really boring that one area. That’s what I would do if I was you or maybe three, you know?

Sean: Now, if it was a picture of a really nice wedding and I had it on there and people clicked, it, would they go to the same place? It’s just kind of spotlighting what’s already on the website as well. It’s just kind of spotlighting those certain…

Rick: It’ll go to whatever page that image is on.

Sean: Okay.

Rick: That’s where it will go. So wherever you put that image, that’s where the… when they click on the image, that’s where it will take them unless you put an external link in there.

Sean: Okay. And those… that nav bar up there is just some stuff that I could change to…

Rick: Yeah, yeah. You know, this is just a site that I use for demonstrating stuff. And what I really wanted to show you was what the nav bar looked like, not really you know, make that page so that they were the same as yours.

Sean: And if you scroll down to the 3 sidebars, should I make those totally different than what’s up in the nav bar?

Rick: No. I don’t think so. I think these should be features. This is like your landing page and so this is where you are… you’re going to give a little blurb, a little sales pitch right there about your weddings and about school events. And then you know, plan your own event. So they should all match, right? There should be an image and an image and an image and there should be text and a link and they should be the right… the same height and all that kind of stuff. But this text could easily be, instead of paragraphs of text, it could easily be links off to you know, various tools, if that’s what you wanted to do. Or it could just be a description of you know, we provide you with all the tools necessary in order for you to plan your event. You know, go to the my tools page here or my events page and… I mean, that’s what I would do. I would make this a sales pitch.

Sean: For all 3 of them?

Rick: Yeah. Each one of them should be a… I would make them a sales pitch for the feature on your site. So that’s how I would handle these. And then have a single link that then this one takes them to the category of weddings or your weddings page, one of the two. Yeah, it takes them to your weddings page. This one takes them to your school events page and this one takes them to your… to the my tools page or my events page.

Sean: And it’s okay to have them take them to the weddings page down there but also take them to the weddings page up on the nav bar as well?

Rick: Absolutely. Because you know, somebody just coming to your website, they know exactly where they want to go. No use of making them scroll down.

Sean: Right, right.

Rick: This exists solely for the person who doesn’t know who you are yet and who hasn’t decided what they want to do and they’re just looking at you. So this is your sales pitch.

Kim: One thing, did you do the blog page, the (33.19)?

Rick: You know, I did not do the blog page. However, you do have an example of that, don’t you?

Kim: I think so.

Rick: Yes, you did. You sent me an example. Let’s see if I can… and I think it’s right here. Yeah so, there it is.

Sean: We got to use those pictures so I just love it.

Kim: Well, that’s agood… you have some good buzz.

Rick: I didn’t know… and that’s perfect for a blog, I think, to just kind of…

Kim: It’s an event. It’s whatever you did the night before and you had fun and they had fun and…

Sean: Right.

Kim: Whatever you’ve just done would be great in that.

Sean: I can only see half of this. Is that my computer.

Rick: No, that’s all. The picture stops right here, yeah.

Sean: And that’s the… when you click the link that says blog, it takes you to this page here.

Rick: Yeah, this is just a picture. This is a screenshot that Kim took of what she was working on in Photoshop. She wanted me to look at it so she took a screenshot. This actually isn’t a webpage. It’s just a photograph. It’s just an image.

Sean: Got you. But is that part of the website as well?

Kim: It would be your blog.

Rick: Yeah, it would be your blog, right? When you click over to the blog, this is what… you’d see you know, the big picture and that’s the same with the text. And then the text and whatever widgets you put in here you know, the check my availability or you know, the latest events or whatever else went in here.

Sean: So I got some work to do, I think, in here?

Rick: You still do, yes.

Kim: And I think you should tell him where to check my availability widgets like every place you can do that, right?

Rick: Absolutely.

Sean: Okay, sure. Sure. Man, this is great.

Rick: And as you’re working on this of course, Sean, all you got to do is call in you know, and we can talk about it some more as you work your way through so…

Sean: Okay so how would I get started?

Rick: Well so I’m going to send you all the artwork and I will… you know, I might post to you unedited videos so that you have access… so that you can see the videos that I created today on how to make this because I did a whole 1 hour and 10 minutes this morning on how to create this site using the plugins. And I didn’t get entirely finished because I’m going to pick it up again next week but it’ll certainly give you a starting place.

Sean: Okay, sure.

Kim: And before you probably start posting all that, you might want to listen to that… we need to fix that flash, Rick, before you send that off to him.

Rick: That’s fine.

Kim: Yeah, okay.

Rick: That’s fine.

Sean: What’s wrong with it?

Kim: I think it needs to stop.

Yeah, I think it should you know, go off for a few seconds and then stop rather than doing that…

Kim: And then if you want to… you should probably listen to the music so I can see what you think about it. I mean, I just wouldn’t start building it until I kind of looked it over.

Rick: I’ll send you all the artwork and everything early in the morning.

Sean: Okay, sounds good. Bless you guys, thank you so much. I’ll be putting reviews or whatever on this site. Thank you.

Rick: Well actually you know, Kim and I had a blast, didn’t we, Kim?

Kim: It was a lot of fun.

Rick: We had a lot of fun with it.

Kim: I had to learn a little bit of extra flash because I hadn’t done flash in a long time and Rick… and it was kind of a challenge to figure out how to get that to work. We actually learned a lot of stuff doing this, didn’t we?

Rick: Yes, we did.

Sean: Oh man, I’m so ecstatic. I love it. I love it.

Kim: Oh, I’m so glad. Thank you.

Rick: That’s good. Okay so before I go, I want to answer some questions if anybody has them. It looks like Mike might have a question. Mike, I’ve just unmuted your microphone. Do you have a question for me? Let’s see, maybe he doesn’t have a microphone. Let’s see, Mike asked me in the chat window, “Is the homepage a static page and the blog page a post page?” Yes. The concept here actually is that… this is a better example of the concept, I think. Sounds like Mike’s here now. Are you with me, Mike?

Mike: Hi. Yes, I’m here. Yes.

Rick: Perfect. So the concept here Mike, is actually that the blog page or the post page is this recent events. And what he would do is his posts would just be you know, narratives of the last wedding, the last party, the last event that he did. And so that would be the… so it would be the posts page and then this page here, the front page is just a static front page.

Mike: Okay, okay. And did you a custom… for the post page, a custom page work?

Rick: Oh, we didn’t really do a custom page for it. What Kim did was you know, came up with this concept which is essentially, you don’t really see it but the idea here is to put the image you know, the full width of the text and then the text in and then have widgets down the side. Now it may, in fact you know, we may want to come back and revisit this conversation once we get some work done on it and revisit the conversation about what the right styling might be for the widgets here because you know, it just takes time to do all this stuff and we already spent more time than we planned on it.

Mike: Right, right. Because I’ve done this and other things but I’ve never really done this in Thesis as far as setting up the different pages and stuff so I didn’t know if it was any different.

Rick: Well, in this case, I think that you know, you’d really only have 3 page styles. You’d have the front page. You’d have the blog page which is the typical page also. And you’d have a no sidebars page potentially where you know, it would be styled… I mean, it would be similar to this or similar to the… pardon me, similar to this except that obviously, it’s not going to have the Dynamic Content Gallery and it wouldn’t necessarily have these sidebars in it. So it would just be a you know, a full width page.

Mike: Oh okay.

Rick: I see that essentially having 3 different page styles, this one being completely different than everybody else. And then a blog and a post page being essentially the same and then the no sidebars page.

Mike: Okay yeah, because I want to do something like this for my (41.16) marketing because it kind of… it makes it look a little bit better.

Rick: Yeah well, that was… and hopefully, you learned something here that will help you do that because that’s really the intention of these call-in… I mean, the intention of the makeover is really to give people an opportunity to see you know, what the process looks like when you talk about what you want to accomplish and then see what it looks like when you know, somebody talented like Kim you know, puts a little bit of energy into it and then we talk about how to structure it.

Mike: Right.

Rick: And each of these episodes you know, this month are going to be different. This was a portfolio site. Next week, we’re going to be doing that organic gardening site which is going to be focused on you know, how to monetize the thing. And one week, we’ll be doing an e-commerce site where we have course catalog and then the other one is a membership site. So there’s…we have you know, different styles of sites that we’ll be talking about each week here.

Mike: Okay because I normally pay people to do this because I have a marketing thing where we do web design and we do a whole bunch of other stuff. But I’m moving into the place where I really want to…

Rick: Yeah, I think I’ve lost you there but…

Kim: I think we lost him.

Rick: Yeah, we’re having a little bit of difficulty with this. You know, I don’t know if you can learn to be an artist or not actually. It’s no reflection on you or anybody else. I mean, I think you either have decent artistic talent or you don’t. And I know enough about my own personal artistic talents to hire Kim to do my artwork for me. So you know, a lot of people have asked me questions like you know, “How did you come up with those images?” and “How did you do all that kind of stuff?” And my answer is you know, you find an artist that you… if you don’t have that ability already, if you don’t have the inbuilt ability to have a you know, good creative design sense then find an artist. Hire them to do the design work for you and then you know, take over from there. Because you know, the difference between a well-designed site and a poorly designed site will become evident to everybody, I think, as we work our way through this process.

So anyway, did anybody else have a question? I don’t… let’s see, if anybody else has a question, perhaps just raise your hand, a question for Kim or myself? I’m looking over the list here just in case somebody’s got something they want to ask. It doesn’t look like any of the comments in the question box are really questions. So okay well, oh let’s see. Actually, here’s somebody who just asked a question. Is that right? Is that a new question or is that an old question? Yeah, okay.

Well so I guess that’s it. Kim, did you have any parting comments?

Kim: I don’t. It was a lot of fun.

Rick: It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to doing Jared’s next week. I hope everybody else got benefit out of this. I was absolutely thunderstruck at the response you know, when I sent out the email last week saying… asking people to you know, nominate their sites for this. I expected that I was actually going to have to go to people and ask them to allow us to use their site because everybody has seemed so bashful. But you know, I almost got 30 requests. And then for people who signed up for this thing, more people signed up for this tonight than signups for any other thing I’ve ever done. So obviously, this is something that people are interested in and I hope everybody got a benefit out of watching the conversation and seeing the work we’ve done.

So this will all be, of course, on the site here later on and we will be back next week on Wednesday for a live session, Wednesday morning and evening and then another Thursday morning and Thursday evening. And I am… so everybody, have a great weekend and we’ll talk to you again soon.

Good night, Kim.

Kim: Good night.

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