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Beyond Basic SEO – Practical Strategies

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Part 1 – Introduction

The first part of this seminar is the introduction to our practical strategies for SEO. We discuss Search Engine Optimization strategies for all kinds of websites – from blogs to online stores. Throughout the seminar we look at three different member’s sites and discuss issues specific to their sites to provide real world examples. We also encourage to check out the SEO blogs, BYOBWebsite SEO Reference Sheet and BYOBWebsite SEO Example, found on our site.

Video Transcript

Well, good evening everybody and welcome to this special edition of our live sessions. Tonight, we’re going to be talking about practical examples of Search Engine Optimization. The purpose for doing that was that we had… or I took several questions from 3 of our members who have practical, real-world issues on their websites and all their questions seemed to sort of go beyond sort of the basic stuff that I generally talk about. And extended to things that were very similar to each other but nevertheless, I thought you know, made sense to really talk about at length. And then it just seemed like it made more sense just to invite everybody to join us for that.

So the way this is going to go is we’re going to talk with these 3 guys for the next hour or so. And then for the remaining half hour, I’m going to open it up to questions. I do have a handful of questions that people posted when they started.

And one of the questions I’d like to address right off the bat, she asks, “I’m working towards building an ecommerce website using WordPress. However, I’m not using either Thesis or Genesis but rather, a theme purchased at Theme Forest. Will this webinar still benefit me in SEO?”

And the answer to that is an absolute yes. It will benefit you in SEO. There’s a little bit of Thesis-specific stuff here and there could be a little bit of Genesis-specific stuff here. But by on large, the majority of what we’re going to be talking about tonight is typical of any kind of a WordPress site. And very specifically, we’ll going to talk a lot tonight about ecommerce sites.

And so the 3 sites that we’re going to be looking at are which is a woman’s apparel, fashion apparel, travel apparel site. Mental Management Store which is a site that sells educational materials, both books, DVDs, mp4s, mp3s and that kind of stuff. And then we’re going to look at a real estate agent’s site. And really, the stuff that we’re going to talk about tonight can most clearly be summarized as talking about duplicate content issues, internal linking strategy, content development strategy and keywords/link profiles.

And if you don’t know anything about SEO at all, when we’re done with this tonight, I would encourage you to come over to our blog. And if you scroll down here a little ways, you’ll see we have a couple of blog posts on SEO. We’ve got the BYOB Website SEO reference sheet and then an SEO example. The SEO reference sheet has been newly revised just a couple of weeks ago, again. We try to keep this thing up to date as best we can. And so it gives you essentially, a checklist to follow for working on your SEO and then it has links to the various tutorials that talk about these things. So I encourage you to look at this.

If you are a Thesis user or a Genesis user and haven’t yet looked at the very basic introduction to SEO that exists in the Start Building Your Website Courses then you might want to start there first but, this is a fairly exhaustive list of the SEO information that’s on the site. And then if you look at the example, we go through an example of using those tools here, very specifically on one of our posts. So you can see exactly what we’re talking about when we talk about linking and headings and keywords and bolding and all the rest of that kind of stuff.

So we’ve got… I think, a pretty decent primer on all of that stuff. But what we’re going to talk about tonight, mostly, I don’t think is covered very thoroughly in this because it’s a little bit… I don’t know. It’s probably a little bit more complicated.

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