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Coordinate your Website with Google My Business – Part 7 – Link Google Accounts to your Website in Genesis

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I have shown you how to link your website to Google My Business in Thesis 2.1 and now I’m going to show you how to do this in Genesis 2.1. This is the Genesis website I’ve been using for demonstration. I’ve got Genesis 2.1 here and the way you setup this is very much the same as we just did for Thesis.

Add Publisher URL

Let’s come down here to Genesis and go to SEO Settings. That publisher URL can be placed right here so this is where you would publish. You would place the full publisher URL link.

Add Google+ Profile Link

Then the author info comes down here in Users. Come down to the user, edit and add the profile link here so I’m going to log back in to my account. Let’s see, add an account. There we go. I want to go to My Account and I’m going to view my profile.

This is my Google+ profile, RickAndersonBYOB and so over here, I would put that in my Google+ and update the Profile. Actually, I could go to my BYOBWebsite. My Google+ page here and this is my Google+ publisher. It’s that number +Byobwebsite/.

So I can come back over to Genesis, SEO Settings, add my publisher stuff and now I have both publisher and author configured. It doesn’t really do me much good to only configure it here though. This publisher link needs to point to a page that points back to this page which is why we started with the Google+ profiles.

The Google+ profiles is the part that has to be setup first and it’s got to point to the website where you are an author or where you are the publisher and then you need to reciprocate on your site with both the publisher link accepting that and with the author link. So it’s fairly straightforward but it’s different in each instance slightly.

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