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Coordinate your Website with GoogleMyBusiness – Part 8 – Question and Answer

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WordPress and Google User Name

Richard says, “I can see that Google looks at first and last name to match the author page username as what hackers want to know”. Yes, the thing is that really WordPress exposes usernames publicly. If we come over and look at one of these articles for a moment, you can see that’s the username which is why I’m suggesting that you create another user with a more explicit Rick Anderson rather than byobrick in this case.

Now, I use strong passwords so them knowing my username is not going to hurt but nevertheless it exposes it. Anytime somebody clicks on the author link in the URL is the login name.

“When you did the publisher script, you put HTML in the box not a script”. Well, what I did was I put the link in so if we come back over and look at their site, Additional Scripts. Yes, he does refer to scripts but really, anything that you want to put in the head could be put in here, it doesn’t have to be a script alone. I think we can see that because it should show up in the head.

View page source so let’s look for publisher. So here it is, link, there’s the Google+ number rel=”publisher” so it works just fine inserting a link rather than the script and the link is better.

Jamie I think I answered your question for Genesis and Ethan, “Is this going to be available to watch again?” Yes, it’ll be up in a week. Jim asked, “Am I going to have live Q&A tomorrow?” Yes, I am. Okay, any other questions? Anything else I can do to help clarify this stuff for you?

How to Delete Extra Google+ Pages?

“Any ideas on deleting extra Google+ pages?” Can’t you just delete a page? I don’t know, let’s see, delete Google+ page. “Only the page owner can delete a Google+ page”. Okay, I guess you can so here’s the little thing on how to delete it.

Lori you said, “For example the dental practice has a page and the doctor has its own page”. Well, the doctor needs his own page so you wouldn’t delete either of them, you would leave them both. Obviously we just have in this case, 2 doctors, each of them have their own page and one’s the owner, one’s the manager of the business page so you want the Practice page and you want the individual doctor pages.

Okay, doctor business page, I don’t think it really matters. You can link them together, he can decide which one he wants to focus on and deleting that probably is more problematic than its worth.

Do I Need to Setup a Different Account for Multiple Business Pages?

Jackie asked, “I have a Google page for my main business jackiejacobsonartist, now I want a Google+ page for ipaintpaws my Pet Portraits page. Should I make a different account?” No, you don’t need to make a different account because the same user can have multiple business pages and there’s no real benefit in having different…

Well, okay so let’s say you want a different Youtube account. So you’ve got the jackiejacobsonartist Youtube account and you’ve got the ipaintpetpaws Youtube account. Okay, well in that case, you had to setup a second profile anyway to create that new Youtube account and then you could just use that one.

You could set your main page as a manager and it wouldn’t matter then but if you don’t have multiple Youtube accounts then I don’t see why you would need multiple Gmail accounts to have multiple business pages. You only end up doing that if you had multiple Youtube accounts.

Unfortunately, Jim I don’t know how to do that yet so I will have to look that up before I can tell you how to configure that but I can try to have that done for tomorrow if you come to the live Q&A tomorrow but this very minute today I don’t know how to do that so I just to flailing around just like you.

Usernames Versus Author Name

John says, “I’m a bit confused about usernames versus author name? Is it okay as admin and which shows up?” If you have a username as admin you should create a new user account that has a username of John Greig and not admin. That should be the username because that’s the username that shows up in the URL. So when BYOBWebsite moves to Thesis 2.1 I will be creating a new profile for myself on my website.

It will be Rick Anderson and it’ll be setup as an author and my staff will have the tedious task of going through 3500 posts and marking me as the author because otherwise the admin username shows up in the author URL and that’s not good for SEO. I think it’s way better to have your author profile username to be the same as your real name.

Check How an Author is Setup in Google

Tom says, “Could I check out how my law partner is setup with Google+ and author stuff?” Yes, that’s interesting, let’s see if I can get there. Okay, so we’ll go this page, aldavlaw and let’s look for author. Is there a publisher anywhere? Yes, okay so here is the publisher setup and Keith A. Davidson is setup as the publisher. So he’s got the wrong configuration there because publisher should be the Google+ page.

Here is the author, it’s also Keith A. Davidson, 37354, 37354, okay so you put both in the same thing but that is not correct. Let’s look up Albertson & Davidson LLP. So here is that and Google+ page. Okay, so the publisher, this should be the publisher here and there’s a link to website so the link to website should be the link that’s being used as publisher rather than the authors.

If we come over and look at Blog for a second, this is by Keith A. Davidson and very nicely done. Changed the link from author to attorneys and then this is the name. Let’s see, has anybody but Keith published here, see if we can find other authors. Okay, well it looks like he’s the only one who writes so I guess it works for Keith to be the author everywhere.

Let’s just look at this one here. Now we’ll view the page source and let’s look for publisher. Okay, so let’s look for author by attorneys/keith–davidson rel=”author”. Let’s see, okay I got a Twitter card for him there. Okay, there’s the tracking script, two different accounts tracking but there is no author link in this, Tom. So Tom I’m going to unmute your microphone for a second.

Rick: Hey Tom.

Tom: Hey Rick. Thank you, thank you for looking.

Rick: Yes, it’s swinging on the home page, it’s not on the blog pages. Now, maybe that’s the way the theme is setup. It could be just the way the theme is setup because by definition neither Thesis nor Genesis would do it that way so obviously it’s inserted somewhere because you wouldn’t have it in the home here but it’s not on the blog.

Tom: Okay. I will alert them to check that out because I know their blog is an important marketing tool and I’m also pretty sure you Stewart is the author of some of them. Keith is the author of most of them but…

Rick: Well, I just wasn’t able to find one by him but I mean I think it’s firing on most cylinders but what you’re looking for is this… Let’s look at this Author page and see if there’s a link to his Google+ account here. Let’s see, view page source. No, it doesn’t look like that, I don’t see a link here to.. Oh no, I’m lying there it is and actually in this case, publisher and then author, they’re not correct.

Publisher should be the actual page and author should be his name but besides that it’s definitely showing up on his author page. Maybe I just missed it on the blog page, let’s try that again. Let’s do it right here on this one. View page source, okay Google Analytics, Google API, Google Code, for good, Google. No, so it’s not showing up on the posts.

Tom: Could you give me something really simple to tell him?

Rick: Well, really simple is that first you should change the publisher link to the Albertson & Davidson page rather than the Keith Davidson page.

Tom: All right.

Rick: And then the second one, there’s no easy answer to this, figure out what it takes on his theme to put the Google Authorship link on the blog posts.

Tom: That’s very clear to me.

Rick: Okay.

Tom: Thank you so much Rick.

Rick: You’re welcome, you have a great day.

Tom: You too.

Rick: Okay, let’s see I got some more. Yes Linda this will be available on the site here in about a week. Lori, “I have a local business client owner, a very common name I call and I want to give him more SEO results on the business name therefore on the website, is it okay to have the author name to be in the business name?” Of course, sure why not?

In fact, if you do a search for my business, just BYOBWebsite and don’t try to go there but actually search it. You know, Rick Anderson shows up a lot in connection with the business name and my name is also very very common and even common in my little town although I guess truthfully, I don’t link my personal name to the business name in the website beyond just saying my name in places but sure.

John says, let’s see Hypnotherapy Partners, Articles, look into an article, go to an article by Annie. Right here we’ve got author/agreig. I supposed that’s fine but if she puts her name as Annie Greig here then it would probably ought to read Annie Greig not A Greig as the user. If we go to you and look at the author you can see it says greig1mcneil.

It may show your name here right as displayed like that but this is in the URL. Well, my guess is johngreig is a much better URL there than greig1mcneil so that’s why I’m recommending to take full advantage of this Google Authorship and Google Publisher. In order to take full advantage of that you should setup author accounts with your real name as the username so that it shows up in the URL. Okay, anybody else?

Okay well, thank you very much everybody for participating here today. Watch your inboxes because you’ll see an announcement for Friday’s session. Friday, I’m going to be doing the Part 2 of the How to Create a Free Membership Website and Part 2 is Setting Up the Automatic Registration Systems so that when somebody opts in they get the ability to register for the site and that kind of site. Anyway, that’s coming up on Friday.

The reason it’s not been announced yet is I need to make sure that the time works for the gal I’m doing this with. It’s either going to be 9-11 or 11-1, one of the two. Everybody thank you very much, you’ll have a great day or evening and will talk to you all again soon. Bye.

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