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Coordinate your Website with Google My Business – Part 3 – Setup your Google+ Page

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The Gmail account is setup and you can now go about the process of creating your Google+ Page as the next step in creating a Google My Business page. “Add people you know”. Right now I’m not going to add any people I know and I’m not going to follow anything. Hit continue anyway.

Adding Profile Information

Now here you are setting up your profile. I’m going to throw this away because I don’t really care about that and I’m going to bring up Steven’s, our dentist, profile. We’re now in Steven’s Gmail account and we’re going to start by setting up his Google+ profile page. Obviously he’s already done a little bit with this.

Add Profile Picture

We’re going to start by coming over to profile and we’re going to change the profile photo. Now, the profile photo needs to be square and it needs to be at least 250 pixels by 250 pixels. If it’s bigger it can be shrunk down and if it’s really big you can crop it.

For example let’s pretend this is his profile picture for a moment. It’s quite a bit bigger so now you’ve got the ability to crop down so that’s what ends up happening with this. We’re going to upload a different photo though because we’ve got a nice head shot. We’ll take the headshot, open that up.

In this case, we’re just going to take the whole thing and I am going to add a caption. I’m going to say “Dr. Stephen Scott DS”. Let me make sure that’s the right information, I believe it is. BDS, this is in the UK so it is BDS.

So I’m going to set that as the profile picture and we’ll just click share your circles or in this case, public is fine because this is a public profile. So now we have a photo here.

Adding a Cover Photo

Stephen can also add a cover photo and so a cover photo is going to be 480 x 270. That’s the standard cover photo. You can either pick one from the gallery or you can upload one and I don’t think I’m going to upload one for this so instead I’m going to just grab a photo from the gallery. The size of the photo is 480 pixels by 270 pixels, that’s how big the photo is that goes in here.

What Happens If the Image Isn’t the Right Size

If the image is not at least that big I’ll show you what happens. Let’s come over here and grab an image that’s not the right size. We can just grab the head shot and it’s going to tell you that it’s not the right size.

It is the right size, it’s a great big picture so it’ll tell you it’s not the right size though and the part that’s not blurred out is this 480 x 270. This blurred out part is actually something that they’ve taken from the middle so you can see that dark thing there and that one there. This is actually a blurred out section of the photo, you don’t have control over what happens behind the blurred out section.

How Personal Profile and Business Page Link

Amy asked, “If a client has a personal Gmail account but once they have a Google page for his business, does he need to have a new separate Gmail account?” Well, no because he does need to have a public profile on his personal Gmail account so he still needs his Google+ page. But he can become the owner with his personal account and that’s fine but that is a value judgement that you end up making.

From Google’s standpoint this whole thing starts off with a person similar to how Facebook works. The person and the person’s profile is the starting place for everything and this is Stephen’s personal profile. We’re going to link his personal profile to his business page and then link his personal profile to his authorship.

Personal Profile is Starting Place

So the personal profile is the starting place and you probably just want to start with that one. Now, in the personal profile you can choose to display things to certain groups of people based on the circles that they’re in. So you can have content that just your friends see, that nobody else sees. As long as your friends are in your circle and as long as you said you’re going to share it with those circles.

But I would start with the personal account. I guess the only caveat to that is that the personal account email address is really odd. If it’s odd then I would probably not do that but in this case, his personal email address is Dr. Stephen Scott BDS so it’s perfect.

Add Personal Details

Then you want to complete your profile, where do you live, etc. So he lives in Bramhall, UK then we just save and continue. You can put other places in there as well, we’re going to skip the whole thing.

Where do you work and this is Rosehill Dental Practice and Stephen what’s the job title and what’s the year? I just unmuted your microphone Stephen, can you?

Stephen: Job title is Dental Surgeon.

Rick: Okay, from 1987?

Stephen: Yes.

Rick: May as well be just pick Married since the wife’s on the phone there.

Stephen: Yes.

Rick: It’s public and we’re going to skip this part actually. We’re going to skip the Home Contact, view your profile. And now we’ve got that profile sort of setup.

Add Work Contact Information

The next thing we want to do is add Work Contact Information. The phone number there is this and the address is that. Pardon me, I put it in the wrong spot I’m sorry. This is public. So there is some Work Contact Information.

Then we’re going to come over here to Links because Contributor to is critical here. So Contributor to is going to be the Rosehill Dental Practice and that URL is I think this is it here. This is the old website that you’re redoing but the new website is going to be this.

Stephen: Yes.

Rick: So there is the URL, Current contributor, save that. Then also Links, we may as well add a custom link and do your Facebook page. Let’s see, Rosehill Dental Practice, Facebook add that. And do you have other social profiles that you’re using?

Stephen: There’s a Twitter one. rosehill301

Rick: rosehill301. There it is. Okay, The Dentist. So there we have public profiles. And if you were going to describe your job would you say Dentist?

Stephen: Yes.

Rick: I mean there’s plenty of stuff that can be added to this but the main thing to do is to get this part done and once we have this part done then we can go over to the Rosehill Dental Practice.

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