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Coordinate your Website with Google My Business – Part 4 – Setup Google My Business Page

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Now that we have the Google+ profile completed we are going to continue working towards our coordination of this WordPress website and Google My Business.

I’m going to go to Google My Business now and this is their new starting place. I’m going to sign in with Google My Business. And there we are. Now it says “Get on Google for free” and we’ll click on “Get your page”.

Choose Business Type

You have these choices of Storefront, Service Area and Brand. Storefront is the kind of business that we’re talking about, it is a local business that provides services at their location.

Storefront vs Service Area

Service Area is a business that provides services not at their location. For example, an architect might choose this if their clients don’t come to their office. The way I practiced architecture I worked out of my home. I would have chosen Service Area because I went to meet clients but clients almost never came to my place.

What distinguishes the Storefront from Service Area is whether or not you provide your services in your place of business. Storefront here means you provide services in your place of business whereas with Service Area you provide it in a certain area but you provide it at clients’ locations.


Finally, there is Brand is like BYOB Website. I’m not a local business, I’m an international business and where I reside or where we do our bookkeeping or where I’m working at the moment is irrelevant to the business. Nobody is looking for a WordPress instructor in Edmonds, Washington, right?

So in this case, the kind of business I am is a Brand. You have to make that value judgement when you start here. Are you a Storefront, a Service Area or a Brand?

Storefront and Service Area are local businesses so you provide business to a local area and Brand is providing services regardless of the location.

Choose Storefront for Our Example Site

We are obviously picking Storefront for the dentists. That is Rosehill Dental Practice and this is it here. Select your business and I am authorized to manage this business and agree to the terms of service.

Verify Your Association with the Business

Next you have to verify your association with the business and there are a couple of choices. One is “Call Me Now” and the other is “Mail Me My Code”. We can’t use the Call Me Now option to verify because it’s the evening where the dentists are and they’re not at the business phone number so we’re not going to be able to go through this part of the verification.

What we’re going to do is choose this option to “Continue and verify later”. This is the easiest way to verify because all you have to do is answer the phone, write down the number and then enter the number. The Mail Me My Code is the long slow way.

It’s essential to verify because if you don’t verify then the changes that we make here aren’t going to be publicly visible.

New Google My Business Page

So “Welcome to Google My Business!”, “We’ve brought together the best of Google”, “Yes please keep me informed of future Pages releases and other relevant information”. There’s no reason why you need to skip the tour. Complete your business information and get located on maps, share business updates.

If you use Google for business as I do, I use Google Apps in my business, when I click on this thing all of my Google products are available to me there. You can switch profiles from this button right here and so we’re now using this as Rosehill Dental Practice and we’re just going to start off by editing this.

Add a Profile Photo and Banner

Now, the first thing I want to do is change the profile photo so I’m going to select the photo from the computer. I have created a couple of potential photos to use for the profile. Again, we’re talking about square photos. I’m going to start off with this one and we’ll see how that looks. That looks fine so then I’m going to pick the banner.

Complete Company Information

So Contact Information, that’s all fine, Dental Clinic, Hours of Operation. What are your hours of operation?

Stephen: 8:30 to 5pm.

Rick: Okay, so now we go back to my Pages and then manage this page and then edit. Let’s try it again, hours 8:30 to 5. Any weekend hours or is that it?

Stephen: That’s it.

Rick: Okay. Let’s give them a little introduction. Shall I take this…

Stephen: Yes, that’s fine I will probably change it.

Rick: Sure. Let’s do that in a plain text. And we’re done editing this page. Now what I want to do is add photos and I’m going to select this photo and this photo and this photo and that photo and that photo. So let’s see how I can make one of these photos my banner photo. Now we have Settings and we’re not going to do any hangouts, notification delivery, add a phone number, United Kingdom. I’m no longer in my account so I can’t access your phone number.

Stephen: Mobile number 7958488840.

Rick: 7958488840. Okay, you should now be getting a text.

Stephen: 346460

Rick: So 346460

Stephen: Yes.

Rick: Then all the rest of this is fine. Connected services, we don’t care about that for your site. I’m going to come back to this one time setup although but I’m going to copy it just in case I can’t get back to it easily because this is part of something we’re going to do later, that is get the publisher information in and the script in.

Adding Managers to Your Page

And now we’re going to add another manager and the manager that we’re going to add is Julie. I’m sorry, can you give me that email address again?

Stephen: It’s drjuliescott@gmail

Rick: I have her email up here as well. Let’s see, Add Account, Julie Scott. So here we are with Julie and Steve, it showed up under Socials. Stephen Scott invited you to become a manager so we’re going to go ahead and say I will become a manager, accept that and in fact, now we can manage the page.

Adding Photos

It looks to me like it is preventing me from actually changing the banner until we get it verified. No, there we go. Change cover, there we go I just had it switched out of the management view. So I’m going to change the cover here and upload from the computer and I have a couple but I’m going to choose this one. I took this from your Facebook page.

Julie: Alright.

Rick: So we have a profile picture here. You probably want a better profile picture just because the actual image size is quite a bit bigger than 480. Right now it’s 767×431. The 480×270 is the minimum size but I should have probably done this at a larger size so that it was clearer.

Julie: Okay.

Rick: And link website, that’s the other thing I wanted to do. “By linking the website”, “Your website is already registered to use Google Webmaster Tools. You can send a request to your webmaster to link your website to your Google+ page in Webmaster Tools. The webmaster will see your email address in the request”. “You can also link your website directly” and in the very short term, well we’ll get back to that.

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