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Coordinate your Website with Google My Business – Part 5 – Setup Multiple Managers for a Single Business Page

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We’re going to continue working on the Google My Business Page and setting up multiple managers. We want to finish setting up Julie as a manager.

Complete Profile on Additional Manager

We’re going to upload an image. Select it and it’s this one here, again 250×250 is the minimum size but I actually made a 320×320. Then Rosehill Dental Practice and what is your job title Julie?

Julie: Dental Surgeon.

Rick: Okay, and you also live in what was it again?

Julie: Bramhall.

Rick: Let’s come over to our profile and then we’re looking for links. View profile as yourself, we go to About and then go to Links and make you a contributor as well. Okay, so you’re a contributor to that and we’re going to add the custom link to Facebook and add another custom link to Twitter. So now this right here makes you an author on the Rosehill Dental Practice site. What was the start date, 1987 as well?

Julie: It is, yes.

Rick: Okay, I better make you married too. So we have those accounts basically set up and it’s really going to fire up once you do the verification but what we’re going to do next is link the website but before we do that I’m going to answer a couple of questions.

Using “Brand” as Business Type

Gerald asks, “Should an online marketing business be a Brand?” Yes, I think so. I think as long as you’re providing marketing services to anybody, anywhere then that’s a Brand.

“If we work out of our home as a local consultant and use the Brand option, are we going to be able to be listed in the 7 box for whatever keyword produces the 7 box for instance, Web Design New York?” No, Anthony the Brand is not local so if you want to be found in a local search like Web Design New York then you need to choose either the Service Area option or Storefront.

Since you work out of your home I would probably choose the Service Area option but that’s entirely up to you, which one that you choose. Again, if you want to show up in local search results you don’t want to choose Brand.

Right now, if you search for Architects in Edmonds, I still show up here at number 2 eventhough I haven’t practiced architecture for at least 2 years and at least 2 of the websites that I had are now down but it still comes up because I have a couple of reviews and I’ve been around a long time. So that’s what you’re looking for and my Google+ page is a Service Area type of page although it does show my location.

Can a Person Manage More Than One Business Page?

Let’s see, “Can a person own or manage more than one business page?” Yes, absolutely. Each page can only have one owner although the owner can transfer ownership from one person to another. While the page can only have one owner it can have up to 50 managers and up to 50 community managers.

So if your managers are associated with the business and 50 community managers are associated with the community there’s a lot of potential people involved. There is no limit on the number of pages that you are the owner of. If you’re the owner of several businesses then you can have several business pages.

Minimum Dimensions for Profile Photos

“What are the minimum dimensions for the business profile photo of the same?” Yes, Lori the profile picture that is the little circular one, the minimum size is 250×250. And as long as it’s at least 250×250 you can crop it down to a some kind of a square shape using their tool or you can just create a square.

The banner image has a minimum size of 480×270. You see what happens if you take an image that should be nicely detailed that has that exact dimension, it gets a little fuzzed so we would have been better off creating an image in that shape but quite a bit larger. In fact, we probably could just go grab the original of this thing.

We could probably just change the cover. We could go grab my original, this one right here and this would probably look better than what I did because it’s actually larger. Yes, it’s a little clearer, actually it’s quite a bit clearer so there we go.

Publish Your Business Address to the Public

Anthony says, “How do you get around the address?” You just don’t have to publish your address. The address doesn’t have to be available to the public in the local area. Now, for many people, like me, you need to publish your address if you’re doing business. Even if the address is your residence you still need to publish a physical address, that’s my personal opinion.

So you see my personal address on everything I send out not because it’s a business address, it’s actually where I live, but I think that good business practice to provide a real physical address but you can choose to hide it.

Should Your Email Address Match Website Name?

Maxine says, “My email address is unrelated to my Would you suggest I create a new account altogether?” Again, your email address is also not particularly public. Your Google+ profile does not have to display your email address and does not have to display the profile’s email address.

You can use another email address. So if you’ve got and it’s not a Gmail address you can always put that on your profile page and that will be the address that is displayed publicly and will be used.

Richard is asking about whether or not you can say something about emergency contacts on the weekend here. I don’t know if this is really that flexible. If we edit this, add another set of hours, choose a day, Sunday, I don’t think we can say “Emergency”, we can try it. It doesn’t do that for you, it isn’t that flexible.

How Can You Promote Your Business Page?

John asked, “You need to promote your personal profile page to help promote business page?” No. What you care about is this, you care about that Architects in Edmonds page, right? What you want is for you to show up on this map and you want to be in the first list and relevance here is strongly motivated by reviews.

So if you’re trying to promote this page and if you are trying to promote your position in this list then the way to do that is to ask people to give you reviews on Google. That’s why this is sitting there in number 2 because I got a couple of Google reviews and before I did that when I first started this process, I was way back at the back.

Now on the other hand, Albert Cohen and Shapiro Architects, these guys are big, well-known architects but they don’t have any reviews and so they don’t show up in the top couple and the only difference between them and me is that I got a couple clients to give me a review so that’s how you really promote this.

The way you really promote this is to get Google reviews. Whether you use your business page for keeping in contact with customers or whether you use it for anything else, really it isn’t nearly as important as having people go on the site and review it. That’s what really matters.

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