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Coordinate your Website with Google My Business – Part 1 – Why Bother with Google My Business?

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Good morning everybody and welcome to this special seminar How to Coordinate Your Site with Google My Business. The name may be a little confusing because Google My Business is what used to be called Google Local Business, Google Business Places and even once upon time Google Local.

Show Up in Local Search Results

If you create a Google My Business page it is something that can show up in search results when somebody is doing a local search. For example, if I search for dentists in my area, I get this list of dentists here and this map marks dentists that show up.

Let’s look at the difference between a dentist who has worked on their Google Business page like this one right here. He’s got posts, he’s got it all setup. On the other hand, this one here, if we go to his Google+ page it’s not setup at all and what happened is that Google, in the process of its searching, identifies the business one way or another.

Can be Effective in Drawing Potential Clients

It identifies the business, its address, its business phone number, its website address and this then does show up in search results. However, your Google Business page can look like this rather than like this and it can be much more effective at drawing your potential clients to you than it is if you just leave it alone.

How to Coordinate a Website and Google My Business

So today we are going to coordinate this Rosehill Dental Practice in the UK. We’re going to take ownership of the page, set the page up and then coordinate it with a Thesis 2 themed website and a Genesis themed website so that there is a strong connection in Google’s mind between content that’s published on the website and what happens here.

What we have here right now is just the basic information. This is a page that has been unedited and it’s just sitting there.

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