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Install, Set Up and Begin Using NetBeans 7.0

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Part 1 – Download the Program

We cover the installation and configuration of NetBeans 7 which just came out last week in a 5 part video series. In this first part we show you where and how to download the program making sure that you select the right version (PHP).

Video Transcript

And so, we’re going to start off with a question that has come up a couple of times this week with members and that is the installation and configuration of NetBeans 7. NetBeans 7 just came out last week and a couple of members have tried to install it or have installed it and noticed differences between NetBeans 6.9 and Netbeans 7. So we’re just going to… I haven’t actually seen NetBeans 7 yet in keeping with this being alive process. I’ve downloaded NetBeans 7 but I haven’t installed it yet so we’ll just go through with the process together here.

So when you go download… pardon me. That’s not right. Okay anyway, let’s see. Let’s just cancel that. When you go to Home here or when you go to and you select this download the free NetBeans, you want to make sure that you download the php version. PHP version has HTML and CSS and Javascript. All these other elements are for other kinds of programming. And so, there’s no reason for you to download the whole thing. It’s obviously huge and the chances are, unless you’re going to be some other kind of programmer as well, these aren’t going to be useful to you.

So you just go ahead and download the php which I have here.

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