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Install NetBeans 7.0 – Part 3, Set Up NetBeans

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We cover the installation and configuration of NetBeans 7 which just came out last week in a 5 part video series. In this third part we complete the program set up by adding the CSS Preview Plugin.

Video Transcript

Anyway, I’m not going to contribute to NetBeans data. Let’s see what comes up next. Well, maybe we’ve already installed NetBeans. I don’t see an icon here although I do hear my dog. Okay, settings created by a previous version ID found on your system. Do you want to import them? I’m going to say no to that. I presume actually had I said yes that it would have automatically installed my settings including that CSS plugin but I’m just going to take it as if you were dealing with it from scratch.

So we have it set up here. And so the next thing to do, I think is to search for the CSS plugin and let’s see… available plugins and we are looking for the CSS view. Let’s just search for CSS over here. Okay, web preview and CSS preview… let’s see. That’s not actually what we want here. Preview CSS documents… I think this is what we want here so we’re just going to go ahead and install it. Let’s see how it works. Accept the terms and licensing agreement.

Jared, while I’m doing that, would you mind telling me whether or not that was the one that you installed? The CSS preview that you used? Okay, I’m going to restart the IDE while we’re waiting for that. Wow, it loads quickly. Let’s see, install plugins. Okay, close.

So then let’s see if that CSS works. So we’re going to open a file and then let’s see… I’ve got a file here someplace… oh here’s a custom CSS just floating around here. Let’s see what that looks like. That’s not a good CSS file. That was somebody else’s that failed. Open file… library files to that one… in fact, let’s open up both custom CSS and custom functions php. Okay, so custom css… the selected rule contains errors, it says. Okay, so the style builder does actually end up with a preview here. So you’ve got the float right and you’ve got all these other things for creating styles.

So I think that was probably it. I think the difficulty folks were having were that opening up that when they started off from scratch, it didn’t have that CSS plugin installed.

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