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Managing and Creating Domains at

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Part 1 – Terminology

This is the first in a series of lessons on using, managing and creating domains and subdomains at In this lesson we examine the terminology and see how it is applied at Ipower and compare it to Bluehost. We look at domain registrar, primary domain, add on domains, subdomains and hosted domains.

Video Transcript

Okay so the next thing we’re going to do is we are going to do something kind of interesting here today, something I’ve intended to do for quite a while but just never really gotten around to which is talk about add on domains as subdomains and that sort of thing. And in particular, we’re going to look at them in the context of Ipower. Ipower is a hosting company that in fact, it was my first hosting company. I look back and I see that I set up my first hosting account at Ipower in 2005 and for you know, a couple of years, the only thing I had on there was just my email hosting because I wanted my architecture firm’s name in my email rather than using, at the time, my Verizon email address.

And so, I signed up with Ipower back in ’05, back when it was a lot more complicated to do this stuff. Anyway, one of our members has his accounts at Ipower and he’s asked me how to do this and I think it’s useful to see this sort of thing in different contexts. And so, we’re going to look at this in the context of and we’re going to look at primary domains, add on domains, subdomains and then how to create them.

That reminds me, I had forgotten that I hadn’t actually logged in to Ipower yet so, log in. Okay so here we are at the Ipower Control Panel. You’ll notice that this looks different than control panels that you usually see on my presentations because most shared hosting companies use C panel as their host whereas Ipower uses Plesk as its management system for its shared hosting. And so, this is essentially the equivalent of this in Bluehost or in Host Gator or In Motion hosting. Oh I forgot my… here we go, good. So that’s the equivalent of this, right? This is the Bluehost Control Panel or C panel and this is the Ipower Plesk control panel.

And so now, we have some terminology to come to grips with. We have a primary domain, add on domain, subdomain, hosted domain, and domain registrar. Those are the terms we’re going to talk about here in this.

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