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Managing and Creating Domains at – Part 8 – Create a Subdomain

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This is the eigth in a series of lessons on using, managing and creating domains and subdomains at In this lesson we demonstrate how to create a subdomain at Then we demonstrate how to configure it and how to install WordPress on the subdomain.

Video Transcript

Now the next thing I want to do briefly before we quit here even though we’re a little overtime is to add a subdomain. And so, to add a subdomain, for example, Thesis for Beginners, we’ll add it to this one. We’ll look at subdomains, you can see I already have a subdomain called Now I’m going to create one called customize and I’m going to give it a subdirectory. Now, if I type customize right here, it’s not going to go on my public HTML directory. In fact, you’ll see that over here, looking at…that’s how this install happened inside the root. This install was created because I didn’t put public HTML in front of it when I created that subdomain. So what we’d really do here is type public HTML… in fact, I hate to type so I would just copy that, paste it and then customize and say add it. And now I have as a subdomain as well as

And now I could also then go back to my installs and instead, install WordPress on So we again hit WordPress and install. And then what I’m picking here is and fill out the Advanced Options, hit complete, and WordPress would be installed in this subdirectory right here.

So the other thing I want to talk about briefly was in this opportunity for parked domains, right? I don’t actually know what URL does so I can’t talk about that authoritatively but parked domains, if you make it a parked domain, that means that it would resolve to probably an Ipower parked domain page that just says, “This domain is currently hosted on” and you know, is taken or something like that. It’s just going to be a… it’s not going to do anything. It’s just going to sit there whereas these other choices give you a chance to make it a domain that is served by a web server.

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