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Managing and Creating Domains at – Part 2 – Domain Registrar

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This is the second in a series of lessons on using, managing and creating domains and subdomains at In this lesson we discuss the role of the Domain Registrar and the hosting company’s relationship to the registrar.

Video Transcript

So let’s start off actually with the domain registrar. The domain registrar is the company or entity that actually registers your domain name. Now, this is usually not your hosting company. Your hosting company usually just resells domain names from an established registrar and then manages the payment of registration fees back to them.

So examples of registrars are tucows and Network Solutions, Bluehost and GoDaddy. Network Solutions was the original domain registrar back when it was free even to set up domains and a few years ago, the sort of… it wasn’t a stranglehold but you know, the monopoly of Network Solutions over domain registrations was broken up and other large companies were allowed to apply to become domain registrars. And in fact, in other countries, you know, there are lots of other registrars and some of them are government-owned and operated and some of them are independent. But if you’re with Bluehost then your registrar is actually Bluehost. If you’re with GoDaddy, your registrar’s with GoDaddy. At Ipower, they have been with tucows but it appears as if they’ve also added another domain registrar or changed.

Anyway, these are the companies that actually hold your domain name registration.

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