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Managing and Creating Domains at – Part 6 – Hosted Domains

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This is the sixth in a series of lessons on using, managing and creating domains and subdomains at In this lesson we discuss domains that are registered elsewhere but whose website is hosted at Ipower.

Video Transcript

A hosted domain is a domain that is registered elsewhere but whose website is hosted on this hosting account. And in this case, the registrar’s domain name servers are pointed towards your host servers. Now this is my own terminology, right? If you asked 100 people what this was called, that 100 people may not you know, come up with hosted domains. So bear that in mind, this is my own terminology for this.

But that is what’s going on over here with this case for example, Thesis for Beginners. Thesis for Beginners is a website that is hosted on Ipower but whose domain is actually registered with I’m sorry, yes… well, with Bluehost. And what I do is I know… unless I have a compelling reason to do otherwise, like today, I’m teaching you how to do this. So I created this with Ipower specifically so that I could show you how to do it. But otherwise, if I wanted a domain name, I would have done it with or with Bluehost because in the first place, they’re only $10 a month or $10 a year for domain registration. And in the 2nd place, their domain management tools are very, very easy so it’s very easy for me to point one of these domain names to another host if I so choose.

So I like Bluehost for that and except when I can’t, I use Bluehost as my domain registrar. But that’s just my own personal preference.

And anyway, that’s a hosted domain. That is where your website is hosted one place and your domain name is hosted someplace else and it’s pointed towards where you’re hosting your website.

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