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Managing and Creating Domains at – Part 4 – The Addon Domain

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This is the fourth in a series of lessons on using, managing and creating domains and subdomains at In this lesson we discuss add on domains.

Video Transcript

The addon domain are new domains that you add to your existing hosting account. And usually, you purchase these domains from your host but necessarily always. And this terminology, addon domain, is actually borrowed from C panel. Plesk doesn’t use the term, addon domain, but C panel does. Pardon me, C panel does and if you go down to domain registration, you can see that there’s this little thing called addon domains. Actually, I probably should’ve mentioned parked domains in here too. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

But the addon domain is terminology that emerges from C panel but you can see… you’ll be able to see how that fits neatly into terminology that’s used here in Plesk. I’m not going to use that one yet.

So an addon domain is just another domain you add to your existing account and actually, I was going to show you, on this account, if we go down to Domain Central, you will see that here’s my primary account, and then I have,, Well actually, is not an addon domain but is an addon domain which I just added this morning so I could demonstrate how to do this.

So those are domains. These 4 are domains that are hosted, that are registered through Ipower with these registrars. Thesisforbeginners is actually an addon domain for my Bluehost account so if we look at domain manager on Bluehost, you’ll see thesisforbeginners, these are all of my addon domains on this site. And thesisforbeginners here is an addon domain to Bluehost. You can see that it’s not assigned because what I’ve really done is I’ve pointed it to my Ipower account.

And so, anyway, that is an addon domain.

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