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Managing and Creating Domains at – Part 3 – The Primary Domain

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This is the third in a series of lessons on using, managing and creating domains and subdomains at In this lesson we discuss the primary domain of your hosting account.

Video Transcript

So the primary domain… the primary domain is the domain you created when you set up your initial hosting account and this is usually how your hosting company refers to your hosting account. So for example, with Ipower, my original hosting account was That was my original, my very first hosting account. And so, you can see that you know, they refer to it was even though I have a variety of other domains now here, that is still my primary hosting account name.

Same thing is true with Bluehost. You saw that my main domain is However, this domain, this website is no longer hosted at Bluehost. So my domain name is still with Bluehost as a registrar and Bluehost still refers to me as but actually, because Bluehost does not have virtual private servers or any other kind of server besides shared server, I moved the site to In Motion hosting here last summer so that I could increase the speed of my site and increase my bandwidth and that sort of thing. So Bluehost is my domain registrar but the site is actually being hosted by In Motion hosting.

Okay so anyway, that’s usually how your hosting company refers to your hosting account.

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